Gr4nt Drops A New Single Titled Wrist Flick

Gr4nt Drops A New Single Titled Wrist Flick

Gr4nt Drops A New Single Titled Wrist Flick

GR4NT is a unique craftsman whose style mixes consistently between heartfelt RnB, Hip Hop, and Pop music. He has been creating, songwriting and recording since secondary school, and plays held different parts as a studio engineer.

Starting with the arrival of his first EP “Freedom Is Happiness”, in 2012, GRANT started to accumulate interest in the neighbourhood scene. Two additional EPs would be delivered throughout the following three years named “The Island Outer space” and “RnBAE” individually. Following quite a while extended break, GR4NT returned in 2018 with the “Freedom is Happiness II” EP.

The champion track from the EP named “All Jealous” is an unadulterated Pop tune with Hip Hop impact. An irresistibly snappy snare sits over the Caribbean enlivened beat that implores you to move. The tune was enlivened by an unforeseen experience with an excellent young lady on a similarly wonderful summer night.

This tune supplements the remainder of the EP pleasantly, offsetting the increasingly slow “Stupid Questions” and “Slow Down” while keeping up with the energy set by the lead single “Side to Side”. Wrist Flick, created in a joint effort with long-term companion Sproutz during the Coronavirus lockdowns, is a disobedient and victorious assertion about knowing your genuine worth and defending it.

The track addresses the significance of genuine companions, connections and family. Pondering beneficial experiences and circumstances where you didn’t keep your circle adequately tight and had some unacceptable impacts around.

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