GIJ To Release Its Maiden Cypher

It is mostly unusual to hear people involved in creative arts in tertiary institutions working on a project together but guess this is one of them.

Personally, I have not heard many of these but I know I am going to enjoy this one and I know you will too. I will give you reasons….

This right here is straight from the oven as the Ghana Institute of Journalism is set to take the whole of Ghana by storm.

GIJ To Release Its Maiden Cypher
Ghana Institute of Journalism

You think we only cover news and all of that right? Well for your information, we also have some dope talents among us.

The cypher dubbed “The News” is set to be unleashed this March and it also comes with a video.

We got some important news to report too. However, the cypher featured 7 hot budding rappers from the institute.

They are Ams-Writter, Boi Dope, Yankey, Quophie Songz, LogyBoy, J-OE Levels and also The Art.

GIJ To Release Its Maiden Cypher
The News

Each of them delivered very well and the flow was simply extraordinary. This is no exaggeration because you would say same after hearing this fire.

Known for their distinctive kind of rap, each rapper gave bars after bars, punch line after punch line. Everything was arranged systematically.

Each verse came with some serious heat which can be compared to hell. We are not joking around here you know?

Everyone had his own unique and diverse style laid on some monster beat put together by Kojo Monday with the executive producer being Kwabena Ferry.

Anticipate greatness!!! Drops soon so kindly get your speakers ready because this is a jam. We coming with a new vibe……


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