Gianfranco GFN With The Release “Hope”

About Gianfranco GFN

Guitarist and songwriter Gianfranco GFN is inspired by genres like jazz, blues, bossa nova, and funk as well as rock. “LINEA,” his first solo album, was released in 2011. With a rhythm section saturated in groove, brass sections bursting with energy, and “Giazz” melodies that burst with colour, he has crafted a unique style of music. If you’re into acid jazz, his music will take you into a 70s-inspired “Giazz” world with original compositions that are good groove “Good Vibes” to keep playing. Some of Gianfranco GFN’s songs have been played on Swiss radio, as well as in France, Germany, Ireland, and Russia. He has been able to amass a lot of followers and gained thousands of streams with his releases.


About The Release “Hope”

Gianfranco will conclude his presentation of songs from his newest album with the release of the single “HOPE.” During the summer, the complete record will be made available and presented. This tune is joyful, rhythmic, and danceable. 

This is what Gianfranco GFN said on this release “Think Positive! Someone said to imagine because imagination is magic and makes you happy. Happy are those who dream not in their sleep but by opening their eyes. Love of life, peace, beauty, authenticity, generosity and tolerance. A heart that feels the ups and downs, the fervour and disappointment, the moods and fantasies. Live your life as if it were the last day of a dream.”

I don’t think there’s any reason for concern because I have a feeling that this won’t be the last melodic headbanger that we’ll hear from Gianfranco GFN. I believe there are more great tunes to come.

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