Giada Valenti Out With “Il Respiro”

About Giada Valenti

Giada Valenti, a singer and songwriter, raised in Venice. As a young performer, she caught the attention of the European branch of record label BMG. In 2005, after a major New York record label took an interest in her distinctive voice and sensual music, she relocated to the United States. In the United States, she is best known for her breathtaking performance in the PBS special “From Venice With Love.” Through the airing of her PBS special, she was able to perform in theaters and performing arts centers across the country.

She made her debut as a headliner in Las Vegas in November 2017 at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. She made her debut there in October of 2018 and came back again this year due to high demand. Las Vegas resident Giada has been releasing critically acclaimed CDs like “And I Love You So,” “Italian Signorina,” and “My Lullaby,” “From Venice With Love,” for the past fifteen years. For eight consecutive years, she appeared on the Red Carpet at New York City’s Columbus Day Parade. She has received grants from the Sergio Franchi Music Foundation twelve times. To help raise money for his foundation, Andrea Bocelli asked her to perform at a concert with him in 2019. She launched a Facebook and YouTube series called “Giada Live” to keep in touch with her devoted following throughout COVID19.

Celebrity guests, cooking demonstrations, anecdotes about Italian life, and musical interludes have elevated this to the level of a television variety show. She marked the 150th installment of her show in September of 2021. Giada has a deep love for cooking. She has been a member of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, an organization officially recognized as cultural by the Italian government, for many years. She did cooking demonstrations on national morning shows (on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC) across the United States, where her signature dish, Tiramisu, became a household name.

About The Release “”(The Breath)

Single featuring the song “Il Respiro” by Italian singer Giada Valenti is now circling the airwaves. Alan Michael Matkovic, who recently contributed to the Netherlands’ entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, co-wrote and produced the song.

“The lyrics of Il Respiro (The Breath) are inspired by the thought of what finding love means. What you need is love, is something we all say and sing in songs. Even though we all know we need so many other things in life, we are all somehow looking for love that completes our life.  I thought of all those other things indispensable to stay alive, like water and air. Suddenly, I started to think about how love is to the heart and what water and air are to the body, indispensable. True love can make us feel complete and protected. I always hope that people can feel the emotion of the song. I hope this song will be the soundtrack to many happy love stories.”  Giada said.

On April 15, 2022, she released her single “Every Time,” which led to a 33 percent increase in her monthly Spotify listeners. Giada expects this upward trend to persist as she plans to release additional singles this year.

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