Gia Ford Unveils Waves Of Dreamlike Synths On New Single ‘A Car Crash For Two’

The style of the singer Gia Ford who was born in Sheffield has evolved since she released her first two EPs, which were titled “POSTER BOY” and “Murder In The Dark“.

Her sound is characterised by seductive vocals, heavenly synthesisers, and a stunning aesthetic that is influenced by American pop culture.

Gia’s voice evokes a haunting, contemplative sound that is drenched with waves of dream-pop reverb. This sound guides the modest guitar-based background down a long and emotionally charged road.

The song is an uncompromising metaphor for toxic relationships that have had their brakes severed. The music video for the song is as visually spectacular as the song itself.

Gia’s dark-pop style combines her deep and atmospheric voice with lyrics that have a bittersweet quality; musicians such as Fleetwood Mac, Nick Cave, and Radiohead are some of the artists that have influenced her.

Gia was initially signed off on the back of a 60-second vocal recording. Since then, she has spent the last three years cultivating her distinctive velvety sound and image. Prior to that, she began her career by making covers of songs by David Gray and The Cure and daydreaming about future songs while working in cafes.

Gia’s introduction into the music world was with swaggering melodies and classic pop hits, before the following year’s ‘Murder In The Dark’ took her sound down a darker route while adding RnB touches and a dramatic flair to her ever-evolving sound. Her first EP, titled “Poster Boy” was released in 2019, and it was followed by the release of “Murder In The Dark” in 2020.

Gia’s musical journey continues with more alternative inspirations on her new album, ‘A Car Crash For Two.’ She also experiments with voice effects and finds new tales to convey in her lyrics.

It’s a song about toxic love – about how sometimes people get used to their car crash romances, so much so that it becomes normal and romanticised -even masochistic – to the point that they descend together into this alternate world.

It’s interesting to me how fine the lines are between pain, pleasure, love and hate – and maybe it’s because they cannot exist without the threat of one another. Sonically I’m entering a totally new era – for the first time I feel I’ve arrived at a sound that truly represents me; that’s a genuine reflection of all my life influences – I’m excited, I can start all over again.

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