Ghanaians Showed Ebony “Fake Love” When She Died – Publicist

It is no news that Ghanaians had “much love” for the late songstress after her demise and its pretty sad.

During Ebony’s time, she was bashed severally, trolled and had serious backlash from a large section of Ghanaians.

Many complained about her choice of dressing which they tagged as “indecent”. I wonder if she was the only one involved in this..

Ghanaians Showed Ebony "Fake Love" When She Died- Publicist
Ebony Reigns

Well, publicist for the late Ebony Alexander Fifi Abaka also known as Xerda has reacted to such issues and here was what he had to say.

According to him, Ghanaians showed his artiste love after she passed on following the gory car accident she was involved in with two others.

Speaking on the Big Talk show on Muse Africa, Xerda noted that he doesn’t think it was “real love”.

Ghanaians Showed Ebony "Fake Love" When She Died- Publicist
Ebony Reigns

He said, “Me i feel like they were just showing her pity because she has passed away but if she was alive i don’t think it would be the same love they would have shown her”

Addressing the issue with all honesty, he revealed that during his working times with Ebony, it was bashing through out.

And also when she died, there was a whole pity all over but he would prefer to leave it at that because nothing can be done now.

Watch the full interview below…

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