Ghana Aids Commission Is Really Not Trustworthy- Nana B Speaks

Ghana Aids Commission Is Really Not Trustworthy


Ghana Aids Commission Is Really Not Trustworthy- Nana B Speaks

Aids as world widely known viral disease, deadly, and scares a nation when it’s rampant or a person contracts it. Most countries have joined their forces to aid each other when it spreads or a person gets it.

Nana B, as showbiz named, a multi-talented Musician from Kumasi – Ghana, has also joined the forces but as in a form of Campaign song.

In speaking to us during an interview, he told us that this song was just made based on non-commercial purpose.

He added,

“I have Officially written down an offer and a letter to the Ghana Aids commission for them just to use the song and Video I have added as a commercial song and in their campaigning projects
without any legal recourse. But yet, no reply and no action.”

The Ghana Aids commission as a body on its own with funds from other Countries and Sponsorships from institutional bodies has a solid ground which with ease acts and campaigns perfectly when its projects are set into action.

But yet has turned a deaf ear to this excellent proposal from Nana B.

This project was sent to GTV Ghana and within seconds, it has gained much and more air plays. The GTV Ghana has really proven patriotically worthy, as has been continuously playing since the last 6 months to sensitize the public.

Nana B concluded, the Ghana Aids Commission is really not trustworthy because they were the main
target and reason why I pushed this project so it will ease the campaigns and commercial budgets but yet, no reply.
Anybody, institution or company who is ready to work with me on this project with or without the Ghana Aids Commission trust, is truly welcome.

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