Get To Know Trevor Phelps And His Release “All Again”

Trevor Phelps is a United States, Van Buren based musician, composer and producer who is well versed in the arts of pop sounds. Trevor has released an original single titled “All Again”. We had a few questions and answers with him. Below are exclusive details on Trevor Phelps and his new release.

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What’s your real name?

Trevor Phelps

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When did you decide to pursue music as a career?

I started producing and making beats in 2018 but then decided to use my voice and become an artist late 2019 releasing my first song in October of 2019.


How would you describe the music you typically create?

The music I typically create is alternative/alt-pop.


What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

from a young age I’ve always loved music and had a passion for it. I really love how it makes you feel and all the different melodies people can come up with. As I’ve grown older, I have started to really love songwriting and how music is an outlet.


Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

I go to the gym on the regular, when I was younger, I played baseball my whole life, and from time to time I still play basketball with all my friends.


What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next 5 to 10 years?

Honestly in the next 5 to 10 years I hope to be a full-time artist and hopefully play shows. Maybe even have some of my songs cycle the radio.


What has been the high point of your career so far?

In the summer of 2020, I released a song that really jump started my music career in a sense. It was a song called “Part Ways” I gained a lot of exposure from it, and even built a small little fanbase because of it.


Describe your favourite and least favourite part about being a musician.

My favourite part is obviously the creative side of it, making something new every day. My least favourite is probably the branding side of things, the marketing side.


Which famous musicians do you admire?

Jon Bellion has always been an artist I’ve admired; I respect his love for music. Same for Tyler Joseph, their creative minds are amazing.


What feelings or reactions do you hope to arouse in people who listen to your music? Are you surprised by the reactions you get?

I want people to feel happy and not alone by listening to my music. Some of the reactions I get do surprise me, especially when I first started. People tell me they relate and it’s a very good feeling for sure.


What is your favourite work that you have produced so far and why?

My favourite work I’ve created so far is definitely my new and upcoming album “Youth” out July 1st. It’s a collection of my favourite songs.


What is this new release about?

“Youth” as a whole is about growing up, I wanted the album to feel almost nostalgic. There are some songs that highlight our youth and some songs that talk about growing up and letting go. The album is essentially me letting go of my youth and moving on into this new chapter of life.


Who and how many people worked on it?

I worked on the whole album by myself and featured a very talented artist by the name of Devon Savoy. We have a song together on it called “One Last Time.”


If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

Not to sound cliché but truly just don’t take anything for granted, live your life, have fun every once in a while, and don’t get caught in the loop. Life is too short.


Young and vibrant man I am, God fearing, warm at heart. Music is bae food is life. If you've seen this then you know me!!!

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