Get To Know The Routine And Their Release “Tell Me Is This Something (You Want To Do?)”

Liam Palmer, Ben Taylor, Ben Nunn, and Mark Thomson make up a band called The Routine. The Routine are a United Kingdom, Cambridge based rock and indie rock power group who have just released an original single titled “Tell Me Is This Something (You Want To Do?)”. We had a few questions and answers with them. Below are exclusive details on The Routine and their new release.



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What are the names of the band members?

Liam Palmer: Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Ben Taylor: Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Ben Nunn: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Mark Thomson: Drums & Smaples


What’s the band’s official stage name (showbiz name) and how did the name come about?

We are called ‘The Routine’ and there isn’t a particularly interesting story behind the name if I’m totally honest! We just compiled a list of loads of potential names, wrote them down in a spreadsheet, went to the pub for a few pints, and chose one that all of us didn’t totally hate. Hopefully the music defines the name though!


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How did the band get together?

The Routine formed at the tail end of 2019 after the breakup of some of the members previous bands. Ben, Ben & Mark put out a call for a singer/songwriter to join their ranks and build a new band that was focused more around the rockier side of the indie spectrum. Liam answered the advert which was posted on Join My Band, and after a few rehearsals, the decision was made to officially move forward together as a band. Since then, the band have endured a pandemic but kept active by building a strong catalogue of original, upbeat and hard-hitting material with an aim to get venues moving across the UK. Since the re-opening of society, the band have giggled nationally and have played alongside the likes of Scouting For Girls and Sophie Ellis-Bexter.


What was the band’s first release?

Our first release was a single called ’Too Many Times’. It later appeared on our debut EP ‘Under The Circumstances’. You can check it out here:


Which music genre(s) is the band into and why did you choose it?

I don’t think we have a certain genre particularly locked down. We have loads of different influences which I think leaves the doors open to all manner of possibilities. We have been compared a fair bit to Foo Fighters in terms of our sound but this doesn’t mean to say that this is what we will always sound like.



What is the band’s favourite song to perform?

I think that’s a very open question. We all have our favourites and those that we really get into when we perform. For me personally, it would have to be our single ‘Complicated No Show’. The track is short, sweet, punchy and a good intro to a set, set closer, or middle song. It always gets a crown moving which is great and gets me fired up.


How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

Massively! The way in which people consume music has seen a need to be much more ‘regular’ with releases due to the likes of Spotify & Apple Music. Socials need to be up to date and are as important as gigging in terms of getting yourselves in front of people. The ability for someone to share & repost something on social media opens up a whole realm of new listeners and potential audience members.


Could you give any advice to those thinking about turning a passion for music into a career?

I think the key bit of advice I would give is to be prepared to work hard! Too many people come into music thinking they can bash out a few tunes, play a few shows and then think they have a right to be higher up lineups or gaining more traction in terms of listeners and socials. It isn’t easy and for every show you play in front of 100’s of people, you’ve probably got to play about 10 or more in front of 1 or 2 people. Be positive, use the sessions as real-life rehearsals and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.


Has the band ever participated in any music competitions? Did you win any prizes?

We have participated in the Cambridge Band Competition twice and made the final once. It is a fantastic event which showcases the weird and wonderful of the Cambridge music scene. It’s totally run by volunteers as well which makes it even more impressive and there are a host of prizes associated although the main one is performing at the annual Strawberry Fair festival on Midsummer Common. Although we didn’t win, we have just come off the back of a really solid performance at Strawberry Fair and will undoubtedly be entering again.


What is this new release about?

At the risk of sounding pretentious, I always believe that it doesn’t really matter what the song is about to us. It’s all about what the listener reads it as and what it means to them. I guess the question back to you would be what do you think the song is about?


Get To Know The Routine And Their Release "Tell Me Is This Something (You Want To Do?)"
Get To Know The Routine And Their Release “Tell Me Is This Something (You Want To Do?)”


Who and how many people worked on it?

The new single was recorded by the amazing John Metcalfe of Crooks Hall Studio in Suffolk. We have worked with John for all of our releases to date and he really understands what we are trying to do. He has a meticulous ear for detail and really helps bring our songs to life in a way that compliments the music.


What is the band working on next? Any future plans or projects in the pipeline that we should look out for?

Ideally, we want to continue to build momentum through performing as many shows as we can. We are in the process of working on new recordings and continue to look to push ourselves out of our comfort zones in that aspect. There may be some other irons in the fire in terms of music videos and some other cool things but that needs to stay under wraps for now!


If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

Be yourselves and take all the opportunities life throws at you!


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