Get To Know Still The Man And Their Release “IMMORTAL”

Ole Løhde and Kristoffer Veirum are the key members of the Denmark, Aarhus based rock power group, Still The Man. Still The Man have just released their original single titled “IMMORTAL” with a fun, loud vibe. We had a few questions and answers with them. Below are exclusive details on Still The Man and their new release.

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What are the names of the band members?

We are Ole Løhde (vox/drums) and Kristoffer Veirum (guitar/bass).


What’s the band’s official stage name (showbiz name) and how did the name come about?

Kris: We’re named Still The Man. I had started working in the marketing department of a larger guitar effects company and all my co-workers were washed up musicians. The inside joke was that the newcomer was called “the latest has-been”. I somewhat took offence to that notion and wrote a song called Still The Man about still being cool even though … It’s not gendered but more a rally cry for anyone who feels the urge to stand up for themselves. It’s about empowerment!


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How did the band get together?

Ole: I’ve known Kris for several years, but I’d never been to his home. One night 2017 he invited me for dinner and while I was there he started playing guitar to show me some of his homemade studio magic. A picture above his bed caught my eye and I intuitively started writing the lyrics for what he was playing. And then we ended up recording our first song, “A Secret Door”. It sounded amazing so we agreed to meet the following week and try to make another song. Ten weeks later we had recorded our first album, “Myth”. Check it out!


What was the band’s first release and how long have you been making music?

Kris: Well, it’s the before mentioned “Myth”. An album that still means a lot to us till this day. We’ve been going strong – still strong – since 2017! 

Ole: ‘Cause we’re STILL THE MAN! (laughs)


Which music genre(s) is the band into and why did you choose it?

Ole: With our first album we were a bit all over the place. It’s hard to pin down. But it’s definitely rock. Inspired by all the greats.

Kris: And I think that’s a notion that we’re holding onto. It needs to excite us, the music we make, the same way as the stuff we love to listen to ourselves. 

Ole: Lately, we’ve been diving deeper into the dark corners of stoner rock and garage rock. As you probably can hear by our latest single “IMMORTAL” and most definitely on its predecessor “Morgan’s Air”. It’s all about the fuzz …

Kris: And the bum-bum-bum bass! (laughs)



What’s your process for dealing with performance anxiety?

Kris: Well, we drink a lot …

Ole: And I own a bar. So, if you’re ever in Aarhus, come visit HeadQuarters! We serve the best White Russians in Denmark. They’ll take away any anxiety and make you ready to hit the stage.


What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

Ole: It’s almost like having to explain the very nature of music itself. But I guess it’s the way it makes you feel when it crawls under your skin. When it hits your gut. When it makes you move. It’s a call for change!

Kris: Growing up in a small town, the sound of music offered an escape away from the dreary existence of everyday life. When Freddie Mercury sang “it’s a kinda magic”, he was onto something. The power of music can make you transcent yourself and change the direction you’re headed. And it’s hard not to be passionate about something that offers healing and guidance on your way through life.


What feelings or reactions do you hope to arouse in people who listen to your music? Are you surprised by the reactions you get?

Kris: We just want to get their rocks off …  

Ole: A humongous hard-on! (laughs) 

Kris: Just imagine if something you wrote ended up being someone’s favourite song. That’s like the pinnacle achievement.

Ole: I’d like to think that one of our songs could hit the listener in the gut and maybe identify a feeling – happy, sad or something else – and either amplify the good parts or inspire us to move on from the bad things.

Kris: Generally, we’ve had good reactions to our music. It’s always nice being at a party and one of our friends puts on one of our tracks. Not to please us, but because they dig it, man!


What is your favourite song to perform?

Ole: All of them!


If you could have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be?

Kris: Actually, they don’t need to remember us, we’re not that interesting – even though we seem so in writing – but the music is. I want them to remember the music and the feelings the music gave them.


Get To Know Still The Man And Their Release "IMMORTAL"
Get To Know Still The Man And Their Release “IMMORTAL”


Has the band ever participated in any music competitions? Did you win any prizes?

Ole: We’ve never entered any competition. We’re not Voice-material. Simon Cowell would probably just buzz us off. Everyday we get to make music is like winning a competition. A great song is a prize in itself!


What is this new release about?

Ole: Well. It’s about growing old and wanting to be immortal.

Kris: … It sucks growing old! Who signs up for that shit anyway?!

Ole: It’s the feeling of falling apart. You don’t have any control over time. You just have to accept its ravages. And in a world that’s extremely youth oriented, where people put plastic in their faces to appear younger, it takes its toll when you’re not feeling up to par.

Kris: And what better way to be defiant to turn up the amplifiers and rock out. Age is only a state of being, not of mind.


Who and how many people worked on it?

Ole: We do all of our songs ourselves. Beginning from scratch with a rough take of sketchy guitar and drums. And then we take it from there. 

Kris: We really enjoy arranging songs and making them pop!


What is the band working on next? Any future plans or projects in the pipeline that we should look out for?

Ole: Right now, we’re smoking cigarettes, but the plan somewhat is to record at least one new song a month and release it until we have an album’s worth of material. Basically, we’re being creative and playing with the idea of creation.

Kris: We have a lot of songs stockpiled, but lately we’ve been trying a different writing process which is turning out great. There’s pure excitement to be had in working on the fly, writing something fresh, and just going for the jugular. 

Ole: And if everything fails, we have a great Xmas single coming out in December. Turns out that Santa isn’t such a lovely fella after all! Look out for it!


If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

Kris: There’s most likely a great philosophical answer to this. But be happy, rock out, don’t worry too much … And pass the joy along.

Ole: No matter what, if you want cake, you bake the cake.

Kris: I take back that cringy shit. Just do you, don’t be a dick about it, though, bake the cake and listen to STILL THE MAN. Thank you. You’re awesome!


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