Get To Know Kyle Preston And His Release “Vistas”

Kyle Preston is a United States, Seattle based composer and producer in the field of neoclassical sounds. Kyle has had experience and success in this field, gaining recognition from the Los Angeles Times and The New Yorker. He’s been steadily increasing in the list of short and feature films, app, and video games including the Apple iPad Award Winner and TIME Magazine game of the year Prune. Kyle just released an original album titled “Vistas” continue reading to find out more about this amazing artist and his release.



What’s your official stage name (showbiz name)?

Kyle Preston

Follow Kyle on: Website, Bandcamp and YouTube.

When did you decide to pursue music as a career?

I spent most of my teenage years in different bands playing guitar, piano and singing. As I got older, it became obvious to me that pursuing music as a career was the only thing I wanted. But after a few tours and some time off, my interest in classical and ambient music took root. This eventually led me to write for an orchestra and release albums as a solo artist.


Which instrument is your favourite to play and why?

My favourite instrument to write for is probably cello, but since I don’t play, I’d have to say piano is my favourite to play. It’s just such a beautiful fusion of art and technology that has survived the centuries for good reason. It’s an elegant and thrilling way to express musical ideas.


How would you describe the music you typically create?

I’ve been fixated with ambient classical, or neoclassical if you like, for so many years. I try to write music that emotionally sneaks up on people, in the hopes they feel things they didn’t know they could. I call it empathy for your ears.

Get To Know Kyle Preston And His Release "Vistas"
Get To Know Kyle Preston And His Release “Vistas”

What’s your creative process like?

It’s a mess, truly! I’ve tried so many ways and methods to add more structure to how I write, but it usually happens in intense bursts. And albums are the hardest, as I often go back and forth changing pieces until the songs feel right as a whole and not just individually.


Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music? 

Back when I was on social media, I became obsessed with motion graphics and graphic design. I spent a lot of time designing abstract music videos on Instagram to explore my design interest along with music. I also studied physics when I was in school and I’ve kept that interest. It’s a hobby keeping up with recent research in astronomy and astrophysics. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the star Methuselah. Just Google it, because it’s a fascinating and relevant story to our current understanding of cosmology.


For those thinking about turning a passion for music into a career, could you give any advice?

I would just emphasise that pursuing music as your career is probably harder than you might expect. And the best advice I’ve received has come from books, not conversations. People putting their name publicly on the advice they give (generally) have a lot more skin in the game than someone offering you their opinion over a few beers.


What is this new release about?

Vistas is an ambient collection that is quite personal to me. These last few years have been hard on a lot of us. And the amount of private pain in the world is overwhelming some days. Processing it all with words just isn’t enough (at least for me). But music can make sense of experience in a way no other medium does. It’s how I process everything. And Vistas is exactly how I chose to interpret what life has felt like — it brought these soundscapes alive in a way that felt necessary. My hope is that they help listeners process the world in a way that makes sense to them.

Get To Know Kyle Preston And His Release "Vistas"
Get To Know Kyle Preston And His Release “Vistas”


Who and how many people worked on it? 

I did everything. There’s lots of orchestral samples and some of my own custom instruments I built specifically for this album.


What are you working on next? Any future plans or projects in the pipeline that we should look out for? 

I’ve been scoring a video game for the past 3 (ish) years. We’re in the final stages, getting ready for release. It’s going to be a ton of new music that I’m beyond excited to share. I’m also starting to film some ideas for my YouTube channel. By the end of the year, I intend to be uploading these new experimental videos regularly.


What is one message you would give to your fans?

I would simply say thank you for listening, I hope my work continues to speak to you in a way that nourishes your life


Young and vibrant man I am, God fearing, warm at heart. Music is bae food is life. If you've seen this then you know me!!!

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