Get To Know Grace De Gier And Her Release “And Now”

Grace de Gier is a Netherlands, Heerhugowaard based singer and songwriter who is well versed in the arts of rock and contemporary pop sounds. Grace has recently released an original single titled “And now”. The release discusses a previous relationship in which you wonder how your ex-partner is doing, if he or she is happy alone without you. Grace also talks about the ghosts from that previous relationship that you still have in your thoughts. We had a few questions and answers with her where she talks about her creative process, inspirations and about the release. Below are exclusive details on Grace de Gier and her new release.



Why did you decide to go with the name Grace de Gier, is there a story behind it?

My name is Grace Salazar Carreno. I am Colombian and I chose the last name of Gier (Dutch last name) as a tribute to my husband and my two children, since I always feel that they will be with me. Likewise with my initial I think it is a very good combination. 


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When did you decide to pursue music as a career?

Since I was very little I was interested in music, my parents encouraged me to sing because they said I was very good at it, also since I was very little, I liked to write songs, I never knew if I was going to bring them to the public, but it was since the year 2020 (year of the pandemic) that I returned to my great passion of writing and singing. Very young I sang in bars in Colombia and Panama, but they were always covers, nothing of my own music


How would you describe the music you typically create?

I can say that it is a mix of Rock 80’s and 90’s music, but also modern and keeping my original style. 


Who (living or dead) inspires you as an artist and why?

I always loved and I love bands like The Cranberries, Roxette, The Killers, The Cure, So, I take these influences into account when composing and coming up with an idea with the production. 


What’s your creative process like?

First of all, I think about a melody, then I think about the lyrics and I like to be on both sides, as an artist and as a listener, so I try to make my songs stories that the audience can relate to. 


Get To Know Grace De Gier And Her Release "And Now"
Get To Know Grace De Gier And Her Release “And Now”


What feelings or reactions do you hope to arouse in people who listen to your music? Are you surprised by the reactions you get?

Yes, it’s beautiful. I really like to receive comments and also feedback from experts. I really like the reception that (and now) one of my songs in English has had in the UK, it’s really exciting to know that they like it since English is not my first language. and even so they are asking me for more music in English.


What is the best advice you’ve been given in relation to music?

The most important thing is that people you don’t know like it, and not those you do, because it shows that you really have something very good to offer to the public. 


Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

Yes, for sure I have, I like to spend time with my family, I cook Colombian food that is fun, also, when possible, watch a good movie or a series is something like relaxing, 


What has been the high point of your career so far?

To be nominated for Rock Pop Singer of the Year at the MARA International Latin Awards 2022. Getting my song to the top of a UK music chart AND now reaching position #2. I also have private lessons with Ted Sablay, tour guitarist of one of my favorite bands, The Killers. 


What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to ten years?

As an artist, what makes me most happy is that people connect with my music, enjoy it and identify with it, to have concerts full of people enjoying a great show, to have a great tour with my band.


Get To Know Grace De Gier And Her Release "And Now"
Get To Know Grace De Gier And Her Release “And Now”


If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I have to be honest and I would like that they really give the opportunity to artists with different proposals, I think that now everything is very marked to other genres of music, that’s not bad, but I think the musical world is infinite and today are focusing on marketing and are making us believe that is what everyone should listen to 


What is “And now” all about?

It talks about a past relationship in which you wonder how your ex-partner is doing, you wonder if he/she is happy alone without you? likewise, I talk about the ghosts that you still have in your head from that old relationship. 


Who and how many people worked on it?

The production, we work with professional musicians from Colombia, we also work with Colombian production, Edgar Grimaldo’s recording vocals in Holland and mixing in Argentina. Dam Nicolosi talking about the video was produced by Dutch vulture records. Filmed in Dutch forests. Participation:

Luding Coenen

Valentina Herrera

Andres Salazar

Vero Pinilla

Rolf de Gier.


What are you working on next? Any future plans or projects in the pipeline that we should look out for?

Yes, we recently released a tune titled “DIME” (single in Spanish). My band and I also have a few shows to play this year as well as working hard to get our shows in many places. 


If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

I love to be in your playlist and to be one of your favorite artists, because it makes me feel really special and it’s my favorite thing!

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