Get To Know Fragile Creatures And Their Release “Grandaddy”

Adam Kidd, Aaron Neville and Tom Alty, with James Crump and Adam Whittles make up a band called Fragile Creatures. They are a United Kingdom, Brighton based rock power group who have just released an original single titled “Grandaddy”. We had a few questions and answers with them through Adam Kidd. Below are exclusive details on Fragile Creatures. and their new release.

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What is your real name?

Adam Kidd


What’s your official stage name (showbiz name)?

The band is called Fragile Creatures. I don’t use a “showbiz name” myself. I am Adam Kidd on and off stage.

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What do you do (fashion, music, comedy, art, dancing, etc.)?



How did you get into what you do (music, modelling, art, dance, etc.)?

My Dad is in a cult 80s band called Red Guitars, who recently reformed for a reunion tour. Music was in my house growing up, so I learnt the violin and loved to sing. I didn’t have much intention of pursuing it until I was in my teens and friends asked me to join their band. I haven’t stopped since.

Get To Know Fragile Creatures And Their Release "Grandaddy"
Get To Know Fragile Creatures And Their Release “Grandaddy”

What field or genre are you into and give a brief description of what your career/profession/ field feels like?

Indie rock or alternative rock (depending on where you come from). At this point it feels like regularly meeting up with my best friends and having a party playing, writing and recording original music that we love and performing it to people who dig it.


Who or what inspires you or motivates you? And why?

Day to day things inspire me – current affairs, my personal life, great music, art, TV, documentaries. Who knows? It all goes into the melting pot. Playing and writing music is second nature to me. I don’t overthink my motivation – it’s just a core part of my existence.


What was your first project and the people you worked with and which year?

My first band was called Rift, in the late 90s while still at school. Tom Alty, who plays lead guitar in Fragile Creatures, was in the band. Actually, Aaron Neville (who plays keyboards, sings, and writes some of the songs) joined us for our last ever show, which was around 2003, I think? After that Aaron and I worked on some other projects before eventually forming this band and re-recruiting Tom: once we’d all been to university.

Get To Know Fragile Creatures And Their Release "Grandaddy"
Get To Know Fragile Creatures And Their Release “Grandaddy”

How many projects do you have so far?

I honestly don’t know! I have a solo project, but I’ve not formally released anything from it. I have a more EDM thing with a friend called The Pocketwatchers: hopefully we’ll be putting some stuff out soon – there’s a lot that’s been recorded. I’ve had quite a few bands over the years (Rift, Pornography, Kiyomori), and played guitar and bass for other people a bunch of times too (The Fiction Aisle, The Mojo Fins, Fierce Friend) but Fragile Creatures has been my main focus for musical output for some time now.


How long have you been doing what you do?

I played my first ever gig in 1996!! Fragile Creatures played our first shows and released our first single in 2012.


What do you look out for in this line of business?

I have no idea what you mean – good shows to play at? Other cool bands to put on shows with? A nice sounding chord pattern/riff/melody? I don’t really think about it like a business man – that’s a weird question.


Have you won any awards or been nominated for an award? Or in short, any achievement? Both in and out of your career path.

Ha-ha – we once won a Brighton Music Award for best music video, or something like that. The whole thing was super-weird. They had some coked-up presenter asking us awkward questions and Tom stormed off. I stopped thinking of it as a career path and embraced the process and the art and we’ve been a lot more successful since.


What is this new release about?

Grandaddy is about how propaganda has distorted reality, but that we shouldn’t give up on the people who’ve lost the ability to think critically. We’ve had a lot of polarisations in politics recently. I like to believe most people are good at their core: but we’ve been herded into these very oppositional mentalities. We need an enemy to define ourselves: I hate that. I think we should embrace each other, no matter how weird and disparate our views have become. I think there’s also a focus on anti-militarisation in the lyrics – I’m a pacifist, and I think the whole business of manufacturing arms, and convincing people to go and die so you can test them, is a mess the world would be better off without: the military industrial complex. It’s a feel-good summer-hit anthem-banger, basically.


Who and how many people worked on it?

Fragile Creatures are myself, Aaron Neville and Tom Alty, with James Crump on drums and Adam Whittles on bass. We recorded the track ourselves, with some excellent engineering assistance from our friend Alan Grice for the live session (drums, rhythm guitar and bass were all recorded at the same time). Then I took care of the overdub sessions myself. We then zipped it over to Aquitaine Sounds in France, where our good buddy Tristan Mclenahan mixed and mastered it.


What can your previous and new audiences anticipate from you in the future?

We’ve written and rehearsed about 80% of a third album. The plan is to release singles every couple of months until it’s done and then put it out! We’re hoping to keep playing amazing shows: this year has been great for that – live music is just so much fun in the post-pandemic times. If things keep growing the way they have lately we might do some crowd-funding so we can put out the next album and Punk Yacht on vinyl: I’d like them in my record collection! We’re not likely to be touring outside the UK any time real soon, but I do plan to film some more live sessions in our studio and put them on YouTube – so go follow our channel.

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