Get To Know Experiment 637 And Their Release “Plains”

Ronan Peaker and Mickey Dale, are a United Kingdom, West Yorkshire based indie pop power duo with the moniker Experiment 637.  Experiment 637 have just released an original single titled “Plains”. We had a few questions and answers with them. Below are exclusive details on Experiment 637 and their new release.

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What are the names of the band members?

Ronan Peaker (guitar, vocals, drums) and Mickey Dale (keyboards, vocals and bass guitar)


What’s the band’s official stage name (showbiz name) and how did the name come about?

We are called Experiment 637. It doesn’t really mean anything, and that was kind of our intention. It’s simply something to call our band and folks shouldn’t give it too much thought! We’d rather the listeners get straight to the music. Although keen followers of the animated film ‘Lilo and Stitch’ might spot a reference there.


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How did the band get together?

We had both worked together on other projects and just hit it off and connected very well. It was always a pleasure recording and hanging out, and then we both found ourselves either band-less or going through some bad personal stuff, and so we made a plan to focus on something musical and positive, kind of like an outlet for what we were going through, and also as a brilliant distraction technique for each of us. And that plan was working just fine until lockdown came along and we couldn’t be in the same room together for months. That was very hard! It was like a double derailment.


How would you describe the music the band typically creates?

Often dark but always melodic; always thoughtful and hopefully our songs are relatable and up-lifting in some way. We’re not easy to categorise or pigeon-hole, I suppose. We use electronic elements but mostly we like to use drums, guitars and keyboards. Indie folk, maybe? Who knows. Genres are so blurred at the moment, which is a very good thing! We write songs that mean something to us, and because we were going through a rough time for a while, some of the songs are quite dark and brooding, but they still have melodies and a musicality which is important to us, and we’d love to take the listener on a journey with it, either in each song, or via our album as a whole.

As we both adjusted to our new circumstances, a sense of joy returned, and that’s apparent in some of the songs. Plains is a great example. We wrote and recorded it on a beautiful sunny day and the lyrics are about letting go of struggles and negativity. We pushed each other to venture out of our comfort zones, asking the question; ‘if you already know how a song is going to turn out before you record it, then what’s the point?’.

Ronan: One of my favourite ever quotes is a Bowie one; ‘If you feel safe in the area you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area. Always go a little further into the water than you feel you’re capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth.’ I remember referring back to that a lot whilst writing, and I really do think it shows. Probably to ourselves the most. There’s music on this album that I would never have heard in my own head before going on this adventure with Mickey.


What has been the high point of the band’s musical journey so far?

Managing to write and record our album with all of life’s obstacles thrown everywhere feels like an achievement. There was a point where I really worried that our project would need to be abandoned because the stress of not being able to just get together and get on with it was really troubling for me. After all, we had decided to make a record in part to preserve our own sanity, and so I felt that we either had to move forward with that or just kill the idea off. Fortunately, we were both finally able to commit to it.

Ronan: It goes without saying that I’m in total agreement with this! But other highlights during the writing of the album that stick out in my mind are the days where we jammed song ideas in a very raw way (how your typical bands would) – Mickey on keys and me in the live room, communicating only through the glass. It always started out as just a quick way to navigate through the chords, tempo and structure and get some sort of rough sketch down to build the rest of the song around. However, there were these beautiful, natural moments where we just played the sections together with the perfect measure for what felt like hours! We fell in love with these performances in a few cases and they lasted and made the cut on the final record.



Which song do you feel is the best music you’ve ever released and why?

‘Is As The Wind’ is on our album ‘Sleepwater’, which is coming out in September. The song began as an acoustic guitar riff that Ronan brought in, and we jammed it out with piano for a little while. Ronan already had the verse lyrics down, and we wrote the rest of it together and recorded it the same day. Looking back at it now, I think it really stands out as sounding pure, effortless and soulful. “So, speak with all your heart, be truthful and sincere, don’t speak for someone else, don’t lose yourself to fear”, and “point your face towards the sun and all your shadows will be gone” … it’s a song about hope and love, and that is not something I envisaged us writing when we started the project! And now it’s my favourite thing we’ve written together.

Ronan: I think really, it’s my favourite thing I’ve ever been involved in the writing of, full stop! It all came to life in such a natural way, and listening back to it now uplifts me in the same way that jamming the initial idea did months ago.


What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

I suppose it’s the same reasons as everyone else who loves music. The best music makes a connection within you. It deeply resonates and creates feelings of emotion, be them happy and joyous or sad and tearful. Music is such a powerful thing, performed and heard all over the world forever! It’s our most common language throughout the world.


What feelings or reactions do you hope to arouse in people who listen to your music? Are you surprised by the reactions you get?

I hope that our listeners will relate to the music and lyrics and be able to hear that both Ronan and I went on a cathartic journey during the making of the album. It’s not actually out yet which means not many people have heard it at the moment. I’m interested to see the reactions. Hopefully some people will find something that resonates with their own situations, past or present.


If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I would make sure that the billionaire COEs of streaming platforms pay a fair royalty rate to the musicians that continue to enable their wealth. And most importantly, I would make sure that music as a subject is properly funded and taught in all schools. For over a decade, the arts have taken a beating in the education system, with many schools shutting down their art and music departments. When I was at school, those were the only subjects that I was good at and enjoyed. I’d hate to be at a school which had no music teacher, or any musical instruments. It’s a disgraceful scenario, particularly when you see how much revenue is generated by music.


If you could have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be?

I hope people will like the songs and hear that we wrote with honesty and openness about the things that were affecting us then.


Get To Know Experiment 637 And Their Release "Plains"
Get To Know Experiment 637 And Their Release “Plains”


What feelings, subjects or concepts inspire the band to make music?

On the album, we covered a lot, I think. Lyrically, we sing about abandonment, loss, betrayal, anger, anxiety. And we sang about hope, forgiving, love and acceptance, including acceptance and understanding of it being okay to be alone sometimes. Musically, we were enjoying listening to Low, Bon Iver, Antlers, Black Country New Road, Codeine, Staves, Dijon.


What is this new release about?

Our first single ‘Plains’ was written on a day when the sun shone brightly. I woke up, opened the blinds and felt a huge wave of happiness! I walked to the piano and just started playing the riff to ‘Plains’. I liked it and quickly recorded it into my phone. I was excited to see Ronan that same day, after another long gap due to lockdowns. I played him the idea and we headed into the studio and began layering it, writing words as we fumbled around the instrumentation. We finished all the recording that day and drank wine, and I mixed it very quickly the following day after Ronan had gone back home. It’s about escaping negativity and trying to care less about the things which bring us down. We think it’s got a real feeling of summer and a carefree breezy vibe to it.


Who and how many people worked on it?

Everything we have done was written, performed, produced, recorded and mixed by the two of us. In fact, the only person to hear the whole thing apart from us was Tim the mastering engineer, who emailed to say how much he loved the record! That was very reassuring, I can tell you!


What is the band working on next? Any future plans or projects in the pipeline that we should look out for?

We’re hoping to play some live shows, but neither of us really wants to put a band together, so we’re trying to work out how to do that with just the two of us while keeping it interesting for an audience. We have some ideas! Also, we began making a film with a friend called Alex Kershaw who’s great at that stuff. Hopefully the film will be done in time for the album release. And we’re building up a head of steam so that we can embark on another writing session. I’d love us to do another album.


If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

Be kind to yourself and those around you, and be there for your friends because they’re the most important thing in life.

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