Get To Know Brian Quirk And His Release “Snake Bite Poison”

Eric Buffet popularly known in the music space as Brian Quirk is a United States, Philadelphia based musician who is well versed in the arts of pop music. Brian Quirk has just released an original single titled “Snake Bite Poison”. We had a few questions and answers with him. Below are exclusive details on Brian Quirk and his new release.

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What is your real name?

My real name is actually Eric Buffet. We had to change it for public purposes because we didn’t want the world knowing I was connected to the billion dollar business mogul who owns Berkshire Hathaway. Or the guy who sings Margaritaville. Lots of cover ups.


What’s your official Stage Name (showbiz name)?

Brian Quirk. It’s all a rouse.

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What do you do (fashion, music, comedy, artist, dancer, etc.)?

In a perfect world a dancer would be awesome. I kinda have this weird dance I do where I just sorta kick my legs around everywhere and air drum to whatever is on. You can catch Ariana Grande’s dancers doing that on her next tour. However, this is not perfect and I just make music. Dancing is reserved for my next life.


How did you get into what you do (music, modelling, art, dance, etc.?)

I grew up in a family where everyone was playing or singing something all the time. Family gatherings always had like 7 guitars being passed around and we would write songs on the spot about really stupid stuff just for fun. My Dad always helped me come up with little ditties when we would drive to the shore together. I still remember most of em, 8-year-old Brian thought that was really cool so he kept it up!


What field or genre are you into and give a brief description of what your career/profession/ field feels like?

I know nobody has ever said this before, but I don’t know if I would heavily define myself with a genre line. Currently the music I’ve been making is pretty pop punky, but I also enjoy just having fun and seeing which styles come out. My first album was like acoustic folk. I think whatever you are feeling at that point in your life goes a long way toward what your sound will ultimately be. So I would say currently I am existing in a bit of a punky space, and it feels good! What my musical journey currently looks like is awesome. Like really cool. I am constantly meeting new people and creating crazy memories with unforgettable groups of friends. For instance, you know that guy Beetlejuice? We literally met him at a show on Saturday. He was just hangin! We got him on tik Tok too. @brianquirk


Who or what inspires you or motivates you? And why?

There’s actually a bakery in Prospect Park that really inspires me, the powdered donuts with cream are the tops. Aside from that, I kinda get inspired by little things. Typically when I write a song I will hum some little melody in my head while I’m driving or walking around in the grocery store. I’ll hum it into my phone and go “hm that kinda sounds like this guy” and flesh out how I think the song might sound if done by that artist. I would say my inspiration just kinda comes from all the music I’ve listened to through my life that’s just constantly playing on this weird jukebox in my head. Sometimes the shuffle brings me to an artist I really admire and want to write a song like.

Get To Know Brian Quirk And His Release "Snake Bite Poison"
Get To Know Brian Quirk And His Release “Snake Bite Poison”

What was your first project and the people you worked with and which year?

My first album was an acoustic album called What Makes You Happy, and the lead single was called Libra. That was the first song I ever released by myself. I recorded it with Derek Holminski from Send Request Up in Scranton. The first time I had ever gone there was for a show I was playing. Everybody is big fans of the Office so we went to Alfredo’s Pizza Kitchen. Angry that I didn’t get to Poor Richard’s.


How many projects do you have so far?

Well I work on my own music and I also work with a handful of other artists. Aside from what the streaming platforms will tell you, I probably have like 700,000 projects out. They’ll tell you I only have 10 though. They’re right, it’s only 10.


How long have you been doing what you do?

I wrote my first song when I was 2 years old. It was called “little little poopies” and was about this poop that had to find a home or it would die, so rather than sticking around here and waiting for distasteful it flew south for the winter. Really heavy stuff.


What do you look out for in this line of business?

Fast food restaurants, nice people at shows, Seinfeld marathons, Uber eats coupons, fog machines, big vans, dust, people who know the words to your songs better than you do, any 24 hour food place where the food isn’t steaming at like 2am, old shoes, free samples, routes that avoid tolls. There’s kinda an endless list, be aware.


Have you won any awards or been nominated for an award? Or in short, any achievement? Both in and out of your career path.

I haven’t won any awards really but the biggest achievement I would say both in and out of my career is having fun and proving myself wrong. There’s a 16 year old Brian kicking around in his head that still dreams of what I’m doing now but doesn’t believe it to be possible. There’s a 19 Brian who got really discouraged and fell into a depression when things musically weren’t going the way that he thought they would at that age. There was a 23 year old Brian who stopped applying himself to music for a while because he didn’t see the point. But present day Brian is using all of his past mistakes and pitfalls to prepare him for what he needs to do in order to do what he is so passionate about. He’s doing it, and that’s the coolest award of all of them.


What is this new release about?

“Snake Bite Poison” is about working up the courage to cut ties with friends or relationships that are no longer suiting you. The song touches on the (I think) universal disdain that is felt when we are hurt by someone and finally create a rift. I really wanted to put into words that there are some people that are just not meant to stick around for the entirety of your life. Sometimes things change, people change, and you’re allowed to not want those people in your bloodstream anymore.


Who and how many people worked on it?

3 people worked on this one. Myself and the slickest producer this side of the Delaware, Pete Zen (Jet Jag, Hang Tight) wrote and recorded the song at Landmine Studios in Ewing, NJ with lots of help from the breakfast sandwiches at the deli down the street. Pete and I have been working together for close to 2 years now, and I always really enjoy the creative energy that goes around when we dive into something new. We made a pretty cool promo video with buncha markers and poster boards as a backdrop. I also got together with my friend and illustrious photographer Kaddy (@rebellious1_photo) to take some promo pictures and make a really cool visualizer for the song. Kaddy had to stand over top of me on a step stool and hold a ring light over my head to take the pictures. More paint markers. More backdrops. There’s always a lot of really good chaotic energy at these things hahahaha.


What can your previous and new audiences anticipate from you in the future?

I don’t like to raise expectations too much, so you’re going to see me! You’re going to see me continuing to create music that speaks to me and that I enjoy with my friends and share pieces with you that might inspire you to do the same with your friends too. The fact that we all have the ability to create so much from so little is so cool. All I can promise to do is what I love to do, I hope you love watching me do it.

Young and vibrant man I am, God fearing, warm at heart. Music is bae food is life. If you've seen this then you know me!!!

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