Get To Know Abisso And Their Release “Son Of Abyss”

EryaV and D’avy are an Italy, Sardegna based artistic power duo with the stage name Abisso who have just released an original album titled “Son Of Abyss”. It’s a stunning combination of traditional cinematic music with a sinister ambient soundscape. This new release is absolutely out of this world! We had a few questions and answers with them. Below are exclusive details on Abisso and their new release.

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Introduce yourselves, what are your names?

Abisso is an italian artistic duo with a dark mood, composed of: EryaV & D’avy. Our project goes beyond the dimension of mere collaboration, translating itself in an authentic artistic symbiosis.


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What’s the duo’s official stage name (showbiz name) and how did the name come about?

The duo’s official stage name is: Abisso. The term “Abyss” conveys a vast range of meanings; from the more concrete (like the ocean seabed) to the more abstract ones (like the dimension inherent in the unconscious). Among the various characteristics, typical of each of these realities, there is one, in particular, that unites them: the depth and it’s just “over there” the place where we come from, is located. The name was born to express our visceral bond with everything that the abyss contains / holds in itself and what, at the same time, annihilates.The abyss is a cradle; is home. 


What techniques and styles can be found in the album?

Stylistically speaking, we opted for sound distortion and the “breaking” effect as in the case of piano and vinyl, typically dark. The pauses (sometimes quite long) and sudden interruptions, are intended to make the listener dwell on the emotional intensity carried by the sounds, to the point of perceiving it under the skin; moreover, they intend to make themselves suitable also and above all, as support and / or accompaniment compositions (soundtracks).


What was your first release?

“Son of Abyss” is our first record release.


What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

We are very fond (in particular) of classical music, rock, metal, gothic and dark ambient. The choice to produce this type of music is therefore connected to what represents us most.


Get To Know Abisso And Their Release "Son Of Abyss"
Get To Know Abisso And Their Release “Son Of Abyss”


How long has • Abisso • been making music?

The musical project has been “incubated” for long time, but only from May 9, 2022 (with release of the album “Son of Abyss”), did it see the light.


What feelings or reactions do you hope to arouse in people who listen to your music? Are you surprised by the reactions you get?

Abisso represents very intimate / personal elements and aspects. Among other things, we would like people to grasp the beauty and importance of remembering themselves, imbued with the entire emotional spectrum that they often carry like a bundle that doesn’t belong to them. However, since everyone’s perception and processing differ, everyone will interpret in their own way what they see/observe, listen/hear and feel.


What has been the high point of your career so far?

Certainly, being able to release our first album.


Could you give any advice to those thinking about turning a passion for music into a career?

Sincerely, we do not consider ourselves the best people to give advice on this topic. There are so many factors to consider; each case is unique; generalizing it would be unfair and Inappropriate.


Has • Abisso • ever participated in any music competitions? Did you win any prizes?

No, we have never had the opportunity to participate in musical competitions and no, we have not won any awards.


Get To Know Abisso And Their Release "Son Of Abyss"
Get To Know Abisso And Their Release “Son Of Abyss”


What is this new release about?

“Son Of Abyss”: an instrumental album, entirely self-produced, of a dark ambient mood. Its ten tracks give life to a real “concept album” with strong cinematic references. Rarefied and sad atmospheres come together in a melancholy ambient sound that intertwines suggestive dark plots with piano and violin notes, touching a meticulous alchemical balance. The cover, strongly evocative and full of meanings, cradles, between beauty and elegance, multiple shades of sound, emotional and visual intensity capable of transporting the viewer, into a multifaceted artistic reality that goes beyond the dimension of mere collaboration, translating into an authentic symbiosis, supported by textual and photographic elements with a strong poetic, alien and mystical imprint. 


Who and how many people worked on it?

The entire material (music, photography, video and writing) is self-produced by the two of us. EryaV also lends his image (artistically).


What are you working on next? Any future plans or projects in the pipeline that we should look out for?

We are currently working on the video clip of the “homonymous” first single extracted from album. For the moment, we intend to continue working on the album tracks. For each of them, we’ll create a video clip, a photoshoot and a script, hoping of being able to also make physical versions. It would be great to be able to make boxes, but it will be complicated because our budget does not allow it. Of course, we will also work on the creation of the second album.


If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

We would like to heartfelt thanks them very much for their support and we hope they will continue to glad us with their precious presence.


What is another element that acts as a pillar in your project?

Androgyny (in its broadest sense) acts as a cornerstone.

Heartfelt thanks. 🌹



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