Get Mesmerized By Sophie Breton And Her New Single “You”

Sophie Breton is a Canadian singer-songwriter who dabbles in indie music. Sophie has always been a creative youngster, beginning to sing at the age of four. She eventually chose to show the world her magnificent creative talents by formally releasing her debut single, “I Don’t Feel Good,” in 2019, in which she handled everything herself, from writing to producing.

The rise of Sophie Breton in the music scene was influenced greatly by Billie Eilish’s ability to create good music from a small bedroom. It inspired her to believe that “everything is possible; just be creative.” She is also influenced by Daniel Caesar and Nathaniel.

Sophie is back with a new single titled “You.” “You” is about being fascinated with someone, as if you have a tremendous crush on them. It’s all about the sensation of being so in love that you forget to think and behave normally in everyday life. It’s a song with a compelling mood and lyrics, blended with indie and r&b genres. You’ll get addicted to it. 

The song is slow, subtle, and moody, and yet Sophie Breton’s “You” is a beautiful masterpiece that seems to say so much about love and longing.

Have a listen to it below and follow her on: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube and Instagram.

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