Get Acquainted with Raffi Maxwell And His Release “Be”

Raphael Maxwell popularly known in the music space as Raffi Maxwell is a United Kingdom, Glastonbury based singer-songwriter who is well versed in the arts of pop music. Raffi Maxwell has just released an original single titled “Be”. We had a few questions and answers with him. Below are exclusive details on Raffi Maxwell and his new release.

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What is your real name?

Raphael Maxwell


What’s your official stage name (showbiz name)?

Raffi Maxwell

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What do you do (fashion, music, comedy, art, dancing, etc.)?



How did you get into what you do (music, modelling, art, dance, etc.)?

From a young age, I’ve been singing and writing songs for my family on my guitar, and one day I was noticed by my singing teacher and was asked if I wanted to try some home recording. From there, I made a small portfolio and I’m now working with some big producers in London on my way to my first album.

Get Acquainted with Raffi Maxwell And His Release "Be"
Get Acquainted with Raffi Maxwell And His Release “Be”

What field or genre are you into and give a brief description of what your

career/profession/ field feels like?

I’m a pop singer, so my main genre is pop.


Who or what inspires you or motivates you? And why?

My biggest inspiration is young Michael Jackson. He has a big influence on the way I sing and write. I’m also inspired by the people around me. My family has been extremely supportive, from my aunt and uncle taking care of me in London when I’m recording in the studio, recording songs or going to photo shoots etc. My older brother is a producer and has helped me and motivated me to carry on being determined and motivated.


What was your first project and the people you worked with and in which year?

I wrote my first ever song, “Mind,” when I was 14 with Oska Zacky in his home studio in 2018. This project was a solid foundation for what my career is today. My first major release was the release of “Be” with its music video.

Get Acquainted with Raffi Maxwell And His Release "Be"
Get Acquainted with Raffi Maxwell And His Release “Be”

How many projects do you have so far?

I have been working on my debut album whilst releasing singles on the road map for its release. My debut single ‘Be’ has been an amazing journey for building myself mentally and emotionally, essentially training for the release of my first main album.


How long have you been doing what you do?

I have been writing songs since the age of 9 and whilst getting into my teenage years, it’s easier for me to network with different people and create the work you hear today.


What do you look out for in this line of business?

I’m always looking for the next song idea, whether it’s taking pain from a relationship that has gone bad and being able to take that negative energy and turn it into something that people can use to better their mental health.

Get Acquainted with Raffi Maxwell And His Release "Be"
Get Acquainted with Raffi Maxwell And His Release “Be”

What is this new release about?

My latest release, “Be” is about a Girl who I invested my life into mentally and emotionally and when it ended after lockdown I was ‘Broken’. This song is about how when she tried to start a relationship again with me, I had to try and resist her, and so she was symbolised in the song as the Devil, representing the temptation of going back to her. “She’s, my Devil.”


Who and how many people worked on it?

I recorded “Be” at NUMAN Studios in London, England. I worked with ‘UNTHNKABLE Ltd.’s director and producer Oska Zacky and “Space Men Productions” producers Max Smith and Jordan Timms. The music video was directed and shot by Harry Steele.


What can your previous and new audiences anticipate from you in the future?

They can soon anticipate an album or EP coming sometime in August or July, with several singles being released in July in preparation for the single. I want my fans to know that I love each and every one of them, and their love keeps me writing, releasing, and performing. I want to carry on releasing music and performing for the rest of my life as it’s the thing I love most as people have told me how much my songs help them. They all want more, so that is what I shall do.

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