Get A Glance At Abisso’s New Music Video For “Son Of Abyss”

Abisso is a musical duo composed of two artistically inclined Italians who have previously published their first album, “Son Of Abyss.” They’re back with a video called “Son Of Abyss,” which is also the title of their new album. Their music combines conventional cinematic and gloomy ambient soundscapes.

Read Abisso’s interview with us and get to know more about them here: Interview.

This is also evident in their new music video. It begins with a view of the water’s surface, with a woman inside the water and just the top part of her head visible. This video’s gloomy visuals suit the eerie tone of the song. This was well-crafted. As a fan of horror movies, I am familiar with these kinds of sounds, and I believe they did an excellent job. Imagine watching The Conjuring with this!

Watch the video below

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