Gefahrgeist Takes Us On A “Limbo” Ride

About Gefahrgeist

The musical talents of Fiona Liddell and Niall Rae, two of Scotland’s most promising young artists, come together in Gefahrgeist. Fiona Liddell is a Glasgow-based singer-songwriter, and Niall (Neel) Rae is a bassist and producer from Aberdeen. Their music is eerily somber for being pop. Their first single, “Graceless,” was included in The Herald’s list of the Top 100 Scottish Songs of 2020, and their subsequent releases, “Nukular” and “Parasites,” also did well and received praise from curators reviewers all around the world.

About The Release “Limbo”

It’s the fifth single from Scottish electronic duo Gefahrgeist (Fiona Liddell and Niall Rae), and it’s called “Limbo”. It’s an electronic slow jam with string sections. This song captures the experience of a lone traveller as he or she drifts across space. Niall Rae originally wrote it as an instrumental, but Fiona persuaded him to include vocals.

Fiona’s opening verse is a series of beautiful images depicting the isolation and helplessness of the lost traveller. Additional synth sounds are stacked on top of one another to create a galaxy-like texture as our wayward cosmonaut falls deeper and deeper into a black hole as the song progresses.

After the main part of the song ends, a stunning string quartet performance by some of Scotland’s finest chamber performers (Lissa Robertson and Fiona Liddell on first and second violin, Sarah Leonard on viola, and Martainn Skene on cello) was recorded by Garry Boyle at Slateroom Studios.

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