Gbeke’s New Song “Top Priority” Is Heavy On Self-love

Gbeke’s latest single, “Top Priority,” features fresh music and a catchy hook that’s sure to win back any straying fans.

“Top Priority” was written by Gbeke when her partner cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend and only two days had passed since her birthday.

It’s a silky smooth R&B/afrobeat tune, with the shaky act delicately switching between her vocal styles to give the song some desperately needed intonation.

The recurring idea of showing gratitude and affection to significant others now comes with an emphasis on individualism and self-love.

It is an empowering song about loving oneself that could be her greatest genuine, genuine, and unabashed work to date.

It is unfathomable how much power and commands she has over her singing as you will be struck by both the tone of her voice and her character.

The music video paints a clear picture of what the song is actually about, and we have no doubt that you will find the experience entertaining.

Listen to the song and watch the music video as well. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok

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