Gasmilla Insults Fan Who Compared Him To Darkovibes


Gasmilla Insults Fan Who Compared Him To Darkovibes

One thing most musicians in Ghana hate, is to compare them to other colleague musicians.

Some react to some of them, whiles others decide to stay mute and keep their cool.

Even Medikal said that, he is no celebrity so if you insult him, he will surely insult you back.

I never knew Gasmilla was also like this. Well, you can’t disrespect him and go scot free.

A fan on Twitter with username @realdhl_usa, compared him to Darkovibes, a member of La Meme Gang.

Gasmilla Insults Fan Who Compared Him To Darkovibes

According to the user, combining Joey B, Dahlin Gage and Gasmilla himself make up Darkovibes.

Implying that, these artistes on individual grounds don’t match up Darkovibes’ level.

Gasmilla who felt disrespected, gave the said user a piece of his mind. He arose the GA in him that moment.

Gasmilla replied the user saying that, his father, mother and family are the ones who make up Darkovibes.

You should understand this. You know how Gas get when they are in their element.

Check out the tweet below..

Meanwhile, Gasmilla is out with his latest EP dubbed “Underworld” made up of 4 solid hip hop tracks.

You can get it on all digital music platforms. Go cop that too!!

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