G Shooz Releases The Most Controversial Song Dubbed “Covid World Order”

G Shooz Releases The Most Controversial Song Dubbed "Covid World Order".jpg

G Shooz Releases The Most Controversial Song Dubbed “Covid World Order”

Gary Graves prominently by numerous individuals as G Shooz a.k.a. The Methodical Rebel, is an American rapper, musician, leader maker, author, occasion have, club promotor, and CEO of SicLogic Records. He likewise creates and blends under the pseudonym Dj Siclogic and passes by the nom de plume Siclogic. G Shooz is the head of the gathering Circle Henge, the drawn-out bunch Circle Henge Family, likewise the gathering Various Derelicts. He is the author and proprietor of Soul Logic Studio’s, Smokin’ Heaven, and furthermore the originator of the Soul Logic


Brought up in Hillsboro, Oregon and experienced his adulthood in Venice and Los Angeles, California, G Shooz has become one of the biggest selling Hip Hop specialists out of Oregon and Venice Beach to date. He has sold more than 5000 duplicates of his arrangement mixtape: Soul Logic Present’s the Movement Hosted by Bad Azz, moreover, his hit single Bubble Butt has sold more than 5000 downloads and 30,000 streams.

His last Single 10 Thousand Voices was the main tune in history to transform into an all-around world cognizant Documentary named: Ten Thousand voices, examining the most groundbreaking global occasions in current history.

Coronavirus World Order has been known as the most dubious music video ever! In a time where rap is overwhelmed by flossing and sex, there’s one craftsman who took a genuine remain against the danger of overall oppression. This single takes a striking represent mankind and our all-inclusive privileges and opportunity’s in the manner maybe no other craftsman has done according to the current world occasions

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