G Ranks – Ovulation(Prodby. TDO Records)

G Ranks – Ovulation(Prodby. TDO Records)

G Ranks - Ovulation(Prodby. TDO Records)

G Ranks – Ovulation(Prodby. TDO Records)

Born and raised on the mean streets of Kumasi, G Ranks A.K.A Gilbert Sechere, started his musical journey way back in Junior High School, when he discovered a Hip-hop record collection belonging to his Father. It was at this moment that Gilbert Sechere knew he wanted to be part of the Scene.

He first became interested in the rap music scene in 2001 and  In 2005, aged 14, his Dad bought him his first computer which had a recording software on it. At the age of 16, he was already being touted as the dopest English rapper to ever come from Kumasi. He dropped various mixtapes which were all room recorded until his first ever studio recorded song Holla Back before the doors opened in clubs hosting major names in the Kumasi entertainment scene.

In 2010, he achieved his big break when he started getting gigs at big events held in the city. G Ranks joined Hill Cat Recordz Recordings, who will be getting his name on shows all around Europe. Though he hasn’t dropped any song under the label yet.

Ovulation is a song released ahead this year Easter. During this time of the year, it has been scientifically and statistically proven that most women tend to get pregnant. This song is to create awareness for the general public to be very vigilant and sober not to indulge in any unnecessary intercourse which would result in unwanted pregnancy and rejection.

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