Friday Night Firefight – “Boxed Red Wine”

After hearing “Boxed Red Wine,” it’s evident to me that Friday Night Firefight has the heart and soul of a true musician. “Boxed Red Wine” is a nostalgic journey of silent love in bar gardens, where the cheap drinks are secondary.

Friday Night Firefight’s exquisite synth and vocal melodies remain the constant focus in “Boxed Red Wine” owing to their passion for this type of genre, and I appreciate the heart they put into their performance.

The funk-punk guitar slithering in the background lends a strange vibe to the song that I appreciate even more when I hear it again, and I don’t think it needed to be much more than an understated force to give Friday Night Firefight all the rhythm they require.

It’s unusual to discover a creative who is at ease with the meat and potatoes mix aspects of “Friday Night Firefight,” but I believe it just demonstrates Friday Night Firefight’s confidence in the music they are doing now, in the year 2022. As a result, their melodies are free of extra fat, which every music critic and audiophile should cherish right now.

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