French-Born Singer And Musician Romain Gutsy Returns With A New Single ‘My Only Love’

Romain Gutsy‘s career as a singer, songwriter, and musician dates back to the 1990s, when he performed with French bands like Les Affamés and played accordion and guitar in the Celtic band Daffy Plays Mandola.

He has also performed with more well-known artists, such as Soul Asylum and American vocalist Calvin Russel.

This is the first solo album he’s released in two decades, and it’s called “THE RED.” It has songs with lyrics based on classic American and Irish poetry.

Svetlana Kasyan, a Russian opera singer, is working with Gutsy on a new EP, which will be published in 2022, as well as a French-language LP.

My Only Love is a passionate love song that describes the profound feeling of the one in love, the one who experiences the full strength and eternity of what may bond a person with another eternally.

With a charming Spanish atmosphere and Romain Gutsy’s instantly identifiable guitar solo, the song’s enticing start sets the bar higher than what Gutsy has been offering us in the recent past. The realism of acoustic instruments coexists with the authenticity of electronic sounds, transforming Romain’s classical folk into a modern pop tune.

A new depth is added to this gem of folk-pop by Romain’s distinct, appealing, and engaging voice. Although Nick Cave and other folk singers are often compared to Romain, he has his own distinct voice and clear-cut vocal style, which makes him an outstanding performer who can’t be simply defined.

Heitor Villa-1928 Lobos’s composition, Study #1, serves as the inspiration for the song’s chord pattern in the first stanza.

Marc Bentel, a South African musician who’d won several prizes with previous ensembles before relocating to Florida, crafted the arrangement.

Symphonic and grandiose in scope, the orchestration has a powerful emotional arc that enhances the song’s impact. In his Florida facility, Marc also handled the single’s mixing and mastering.

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