Frederick MarioKing – Mixed Feelings One

Frederick MarioKing – Mixed Feelings One

Frederic MarioKing -Mixed Feelings One

Frederick MarioKing – Mixed Feelings One

He wrote mixed feelings at a point in His life where He felt like He was losing the very fabric that held together the true meaning and definition of who He really was Being stuck with an 8 to 5 for the very first time in his life for an entire year in a whole new city with no close friends and an older roommate who barely understood anything about me or what He stood for, felt like He was being caged mentally and emotionally.

He tried to put out an EP right about that time and so He had to make sure He scribbled down anything the least spare time He got only to realize that 9 times out of 10 I either lacked the right emotions or He was too tired to come up with anything.

This led to a lot of frustration, coupled with a not so working relationship and a homesick feeling He found himself experiencing mood swings and gradually started slipping down into a mild depression.

He recorded lots of new material experimenting with styles and sound but his EP failed to materialize after putting in so much time and the little money He had managed to save up due to financial constraints and a lack of proper vision by himself and the team He was working with at the time, He couldn’t be more hopeless.

He found a way to channel all these emotions into a new project and what better name He thought to give it than “Mixed Feelings”. So in short Frederick Marioking’s Mixed Feelings mixtape is a ball of emotions.

The first volume of the tape is made up of 9 tracks which express love, frustration, nostalgia, lust, vision, progress, determination and self-awareness.

“Don’t Stop” depicts determination

01. Don’t Stop (prodby.  Dj Klem) mixedby. MadeMusiq


“Kiss the sky” is a frustrating track

02. Kiss The Sky (Prod by. Dj Klem) Mixed by. Mr Benchie


“Paradise” talks about vision and aim

03. Paradise (mixedby. Ray Joe)


“Bad things” talks about lust

04. Bad things (Mixedby. Ray Joe)


“Start a fire” talks about some confused love state

05. Start a fire (mixed by.  Ray Joe)


Memories talk about the past memories of his love life.

06. Memories


“Popping Tags” depicts ego and self-awareness.

07. Popping Tags ft Po -Mulla (Mixed by Ray Joe)


08.Came Far  (Bonus Track) (mixed by. MadeMusiq)

09. Came Far (Remix) ft Po-Mulla


Get yourself a copy and appreciate real music while you keep an eye open for volume two of Mixed Feelings.

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