Freda Rhymz Releases “An Advice” Freestyle Video


Freda Rhymz Releases “An Advice” Freestyle Video

Black Avenue Musik signed act Freda Rhymz has also given her version of “Advice” and she didn’t talk about an artiste.

Yeahhhh, I know what came into mind when you first saw the headline. Sorry for disappointing you. No vex wai lol

This is how the rapper decided to open or start her 2019 and she has a lovely message for the females out there.

In the new freestyle, Saa Chick No seeks to address issues concerning how females in this generation are supposed to work for themselves.

Freda Rhymz Releases “An Advice” Freestyle Video
Freda Rhymz

The freestyle goes to all hardworking females out there, she urges you guys to continue grinding and making moves.

According to her, there is more to beauty and it isn’t all about the make-ups. Also, women can work and make money in order to be independent.

Ok ok ok ok hollup!!!! Now go below and listen to this one guys…… if you are a female, this is to encourage you. Start your day with something like this

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