Frantik Collaborates With Kxng Wooz & Maje On Latest Single ‘Swim’

Rapper Frantik is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and performs hip-hop and R&B music. Both of his albums have been released.

To tell stories and express himself, he draws inspiration from various genres of music, including indie, emo rap, punk rock, and new soul. He is a high-energy artist who has been working on his own for the last four years in various locations across the United States of America.

Hip Hop artist Kxng Wooz hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia and is known for his versatility, clever wordplay, and smooth delivery. He has performed all over the world and is known for his versatility, cunning wordplay, and smooth delivery.

His most recent project, Abyss, demonstrates all three of these characteristics while also displaying high-end production values.

In his work, Frantik aspires to inspire people to feel comfortable in their own skin by drawing inspiration from subjects such as love, personal development, heartbreak, and psychological well-being.

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