Francisco Martin Releases His Newest Single ‘Kissing On A Balcony’

Francisco Martin, a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer, has released the new tune “Kissing On A Balcony” off his upcoming EP “Manic”

Originally from San Francisco, pop singer, songwriter and producer Francisco Martin moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of expressing himself through music. The outcome was him working through the night in his flat despite the groans of his other neighbours.

Kissing On A Balcony follows the release of a music video for “Nobody Listens To Me!,” a dreamy electro-pop track that has an array of guitar sounds and lyrics that are meant to pull you out of your seat. Featuring Alexey Figurov’s filmmaking, the video depicts Martin’s struggle against a stifling atmosphere.

With the help of a successful tour and many chart-topping songs under his belt, Francisco came to the realisation that his music was missing something: a true expression of who he was.

So, despite the objections of his neighbours, he worked nonstop in his apartment all night long. The six-song ‘Manic’ EP, a striking mix of emotionally raw pop-rock, is his first major aesthetic statement.

“Manic,” which features Francisco’s dreamy falsetto and strong belting, represents a new age of free creative expression. For this album, there’s a lot going on musically. There’s a lot going on on the album. There’s a lot going on musically.

When it comes to mental health and relationships, Francisco doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing his own thoughts.

Francisco says;

Validation and acceptance are something our generation struggles with, and I wanted to showcase that in the new music video. I am not afraid to share what is in my heart with brash honesty, I want to push boundaries. People see one version of me, and I want them to see all of me. I am ready to come out of my shell as an artist and show who I really am as a person.

Manic was created over a three-month period when he was thrown into the public glare, and he had the opportunity to reflect on his own artistic development during this period. In Francisco’s apartment studio with Francisco’s co-producer/good buddy Nick Sarpa, they made this music video.

Sleek and seductive, the EP is awash with electro-textures, rough rhythms, crystallised piano, ultra-catchy pop melodies, sexy pop, and cathartic yells in the deep valley moments.

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