Flamma Has “No Patience” In His New Single

Flamma Has “No Patience” In His New Single

United Kingdom rapper, Flamma is here with his newest tune titled “No Patience” which talks about the disappointment you feel when your objectives take longer to attain than you expected.

This might cause people to lose concentration and give up. It’s all about cultivating patience, learning to endure hardship, and staying on track to achieve your objectives, no matter how long it takes. You got to make the most of your setbacks by making bigger comebacks.

In moments where you need some motivation or need something to keep you going, this is the one for you!

Flamma (short for ‘Flammable’) is a Turkish-Cypriot fireman from North London, United Kingdom. Ironically, the name ‘Flammable’ was picked long before he became a firefighter and some may say it was fate.

Unfortunately, during the postcode battles between Edmonton and Tottenham, Flamma was stabbed by a gang of adolescents in a case of mistaken identification.

Flamma described the event on the track Rise as “very fortunate to survive.” This early life experience forever altered him and his outlook on life.

Despite continuing to produce music, he spent the following decade studying to graduate and preparing to become a fireman. He has a fresh passion and desire to start up where he left off now that he is more solid and settled in life.

Flamma takes pleasure in the flow and complexity of his songs, which he achieves via the use of brilliant wordplay and puns.

Due to the speed and agility of his delivery, you may not always notice these hidden jewels at first, but part of Flamma’s allure is that you discover something new with each listen.

Flamma’s personal experiences have influenced his performances, which have become increasingly honest and real. This development has been aided by becoming “unapologetically himself.”

Listen to No Patience below.

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