Filly Collaborates With Kritters On Latest Single ‘Nyny’

Filly is a New York-based avant-pop band that may or may not be from another dimension.

After being as brilliant and clever as she is, Filly had had enough of the real world and opted to play pretend instead.

This is how she first became interested in the arts. When she’s in front of the microphone, she goes into a whole other realm.

To put it simply, Filly is enamoured with the seemingly endless possibilities offered by digital music production, and her first album, FILLY, is no exception. Even as a self-confessed music snob, she can’t help but be disgusted by what she sees.

Filly Collaborates With Kritters On Latest Single 'Nyny'
Filly Collaborates With Kritters On Latest Single ‘Nyny’

In his work as an artist, Filly’s long-term focus has been on the consumer culture: what we desire, how we satisfy our needs, and the consequences of satisfying our cravings. That’s how FILLY came to be. These topics may be explored more deeply by assuming the personas associated with them.

Filly’s early influences were Cindy Sherman, Rocky Horror, and Lisa Frank binders (non-Americans, go research that crap up). A rainbow has faded to nothingness.) She was a huge fan of the Sex Pistols, a fashion line created by Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McClaren that embodied a certain kind of campy rage.

Their better musical and intellectual peers, X-Ray Spex, were infuriated.

“Nyny” is a remix of “New York” by the Kritters, which is an introspective, slow-building piece with a lot of honesty in it. A trippy music video accompanied the release of the song.

Robert is a producer and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work as a drummer for the cult indie-folk band Stornoway, while Kirini is a multidisciplinary artist, composer, and singer.

When asked about the inspiration for New York, Kirini explains,

I had been thinking a lot about the time in my life when I lived in downtown New York City. It was, in retrospect, a remarkable way to grow up: right on Washington Square Park, right in the middle of the Village. When things were difficult in my life I escaped to the streets and walked and walked. I was never alone; the city was my great friend.

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