Felicia Lu Talks About Her Passing Relationship In Latest Single ‘Band-Aid’

Felicita Lusinger who was born in Germany but now lives in Austria, is German native. She’s 26 now, although she’s been singing professionally since she was 16.

The artist, who is 26 years old, is responsible for the creation of all parts of her work, including the lyrics, melodies, video ideas, and visual executions that can be seen in her music videos and on the album artwork.

In addition to this, she is a dancer and seems to be engaged in practically every step of the creative process. She makes her own works of art.

Felicia Lu is a participant from Germany who is hoping to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022. Since she found out that she will be representing her country in the 2017 and 2022 Eurovision Song Contests, she has been hard at work creating a brand new original song to enter both competitions.

She has just released a heartfelt pop song titled “Band-Aid” which she wrote and composed herself. The story that is recounted in “Band-Aid” is about a friendship that doesn’t last very long.

The breakup of her relationship with her former lover seems to have left her emotionally and mentally scarred. As a result, the only choice left is to rip it and the partner off like a band-aid and go on with life.

Instantaneously, and it is preferable to endure some level of agony in order to be freed from it.

In addition to being streamed on Spotify, Felicia has been played more than 10 million times on the internet. Her radio singles are equally well-liked by listeners. Her most recent hits were broadcast on the radio station in Austria that has the most listeners.

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