Fantastic Debut “Do Better” From Michelle Suzanne

Despite the fact that I’ve only lately been familiar with her music, I must confess that singer/songwriter Michelle Suzanne has become something of a regular on my playlist. Once I heard her first single, “Do Better,” I was immediately intrigued. It’s an anthem for the long, hot summer evenings we’ve come to love and the perfect motivational soundtrack thanks to its amazing combination of complicated, mind-bending contemporary music.

London-based singer-songwriter Michelle Suzanne quit her corporate job two years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer. Suzanne’s first single, “Do Better,” is a watershed moment in her unconventionally interesting musical career. The music of Michelle Suzanne has been defined as electro-retro pop, or nostalgic pop with an American flair influenced by major musicians like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Arianna Grande. 

She has been compared favourably to Lily Allen and Sara Bareilles, but says those labels are “excessively generous”. Leaving the security of a decade-plus long job in finance counselling management teams and CEOs on how to communicate with investors was a terrifying leap into the unknown. As Suzanne attempts to make sense of relationships and wacky human behaviour, she is now sending out her own signals into the world.

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