Faint Halos Out With EP “Something to Lose”

Paul Hashemi, a veteran musician from Philadelphia, formed Faint Halos during the pandemic and recorded, produced, and mixed all of the songs in his home studio. The songs probe questions of self-perception and individuality.

The song’s title track “Something To Lose” tells the tale of a love gone missing through ethereal synth echoes and skittering beats, which give way to pulsating rock drums and guitars until the song ends with the eerie lyrics,  “I’m sorry for the way I disappeared from you / I’m sorry that you thought I was still here with you / I’m sorry that I never really knew the truth / Wouldn’t be the truth if I knew”.

The string quartet gently develops around an electric guitar figure reminiscent of a harp in the serene and lovely “Impostor,” which ruminates on what it’s like to feel like someone else and to wonder who one really is.

The song “The Papers” begins with a straightforward piano riff and builds up to soaring guitars as the singer/songwriter comes to the conclusion that “I’m right where I wanted to be” The characteristic sound from the previous year’s Songs is still present, but with more depth and range. Faint Halos keeps exploring the big questions and occasionally discovering the bigger answers.

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