CHALEWOTE is a local vocab by the  Ghanaian natives which could me  “come along” , “let’s go” or “my friend follow me”. It is also a popular sandals worn by most Ghanaians it is made from rubber. But in Jamestown CHALEWOTE is actually a street fair .

Artistry in any form is been showcased at the fair, it is actually the best place to socialize with old friends, as people from all walks of life regardless of the race come to have fun and patronize the products. So if you want to sell your products or buy Ghanaian artefacts CHALEWOTE is the best place to do so, you also get the chance to meet people with the  same interest as you .

The event kicked off on Monday 14th August and ends on Sunday 20th August and has welcomed over 50,000 tourists, surely if you want to showcase your talent CHALEWOTE is the best place to.

Clothings ,drinks, food, music you know dance cannot be left out, graffiti, cycling, skating, music shows, DJing and many other acts are showcased in different ways at the festival.

So maybe if you were not able to attend this year’s CHALEWOTE festival then you’ve missed a lot, let’s hope it continues in the coming years .

See exclusive photos of the 2017 CHALEWOTE festival




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