Kanye’s mother in law and Kim’s mother Kris Jenner goes all out for her grandkid. It is believed she spent at least $10,000 on baby merchandise for Kim and Kanye’s new bundle of joy.

According to sources, Kris was spotted at Baby Tresor boutique in West Hollywood late last month because it’s believed she knew the baby would be due this month so she wanted her order in early since the products are custom- made and would take a while to be delivered

It’s believed Grandma Jenner purchased a “silver cross pram” rumoured to be around $3K and a “handcrafted Anaiza wooden crib” which is also rumoured to be around $6K. That’s not all, Kris also acquired rose-patterned outfits each costing her around a hundred bucks.

Thanks Grandma Jenner.



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