Everything You Need To Know About Junior Druid

Everything You Need To Know About Junior Druid

Junior Druid is a Ghanaian Italian base, afrotalian and hip-hop artist who shot to fame with a series of freestyle raps on the streets of Italy. In Accra, he was born on the 18th May 1997 and started the rap game at the age of twelve.

Junior Druid is proud of his Ghanaian roots but was brought up in Reggio Emilia, often battling MCs much older than himself for fun. He admits to being a “bit of a boffin” at school and left with six A*s, three As and five Bs in his WASSCEs! His teachers wanted him to go to a top university and he had his heart set on a career in Web development but, despite spending some years working as a blogger for musicarenagh, things didn’t quite work out that way!



From 2013 onwards, Junior Druid started freestyling online and soon had a large following. He performed more hip-hop, to begin with, but soon he started experimenting in his afrotalian style. In July 2014, the 5-foot-six-inch rapper released his debut single “Odo” and soon, record companies wanted to sign him up.

By October that year, the song was so successful that Junior Jnr was nominated for ‘Popular song of the Year’ Amuse Music Awards (an achievement he repeated the following years) and became one of the few unsigned rappers to make it in the limelight.

He even found time to work alongside fellow rappers Sarkodie and Medikal, which gave him an invaluable insight into the professional world of rapping. In 2020 Junior Druid went ahead to release his EP titled “Freedom”, Which was done for the fans. The Freedom EP has 4 songs on it. Freedom Fight, Golf, A Ride & Nhyira.

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