Everything Counts Challenges Reality With The Ep “Perceptions”

The Perceptions EP by Everything Counts and Christian Mical Schwarz is the label’s fourth release of the year and their first collaboration. Toshka and Chris Leon, an Italian-born Salvadoran, have collaborated on a new EP with Freaky Farm frontman Christian Mical Schwarz. The EP includes songs like “Different Clouds,” “Date Back,” and “Tornado.” In order to attract opposites, this partnership combines their opposing styles. 

A search for one’s own distinct style free of stereotypes and preconceptions, in sound experimentation that results in the perfect meeting of different souls that link to draw boundless landscapes, a source of inspiration for the mind. 

Exaggerated synths and wide-open soundscapes. The title “perceptions” refers to the process of becoming aware of an external reality by means of feeling, vision, synesthesia, Poly sensory, or hallucination. All of these tools allow you to access primal dimensions and worlds, which are required for evolution and personal development. 

Outcome? The involuntary formation of a visual image in response to an auditory stimulus. Daniel Trim remixed “Date Back.” The indie rock remix was created by the Spanish instructor, musician, music producer, and sound engineer. This is his second Top Town Records remix, following “Golden Hour” by Jessy Green & The Axiom, which was his first Top Town Records remix.

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