Eugenia Post Meridiem Out With “like I Need Tension”

Eugenia Post Meridiem are an Italian multi-genre quartet from Genoa. Formed in 2017, the band consist of Eugenia (voice, guitar), Matteo (bass), Giovanni (guitar, keys) and Matteo (drums, percussions). Their music is mainly indie with a pinch of jazz and rock influences.

In just a few years, Eugenia Post Meridiem have made great strides in their musical development. They have been able to release multiple singles which have been well-received by fans and critics alike, and whiles doing so, have amassed a number of following on popular streaming platforms. The band has also toured extensively throughout Italy, performing at a variety of festivals and clubs.

Eugenia Post Meridiem are out with their sophomore full-length record, “like I need tension” it’s available everywhere now. The album is an 8-track powerhouse that is a tour-de-force of the band’s musicianship and songwriting ability. From the opener, “Unchained Will”, to the closer, “Maze of Gazes”, the album is a non-stop thrill ride of great tunes.

The album is a masterfully written work that captures the band’s unique sound and showcases their incredible range as musicians. This release finds the band exploring different sounds and styles while still staying true to their indie roots

The album “like I need tension” by Eugenia Post Meridiem is a solid display of the band’s musical prowess, with each member’s contributions shining through. The tracks are well-crafted and offer something for everyone, making like I need tension an essential listen for any fan of Eugenia Post Meridiem.

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