Enzym – Suicidvl [SOA] Official Lyrics (Mixed by Kobe Norths)

Enzym - Suicidvl [SOA] Official Lyrics (Mixed by Kobe Norths)


Enzym – Suicidvl [SOA] Official Lyrics (Mixed by Kobe Norths)

Uhm, so it was like:
Na ibi Friday ah dey gally for some road ihn body
After jum’ah, ah for do sharp go fix ma body
Gyia da maranchey, mey na Kyi? ma tummy start dey worry
Anyways the sound of this next line might be funny
Overthinking poverty asɛ me fri warri
The adviser advised me, ah for shun dey worry
But I’m so broke in a crowd I can’t afford attention
So be kind enough to tell me how ah fi pay for a session?
I was thinking while walking when I got to this bridge
Na mepegya me ti hwɛ yɛ a, just me on the bridge
A few meters away from my position I saw a dress, 2 phones and shoes on the footbridge

Wasn’t suspicious at first, so I jey my eye
Cus I needed time to think about I and I When I leaned
The next thing ah see really hurt ma eye
Ah see human being ihn hair dey show for the water
Ah, for save am buh ah no know swimming ma heart start dey cut
Without thinking about anything, I jumped into the water
Brought her ashore, applied CPR, she starts dey cough the water
Then she screamed, “why did you get me out the water?

“What? you were a damsel in distress
And this stress gets me thinking of distress
Then this stress of distress gets me even more depressed
Then I’m stressed and depressed and distress is stressI’m already depressed so don’t give me all this stress, so distress, so please mistress, I mean please mistress
Just tell me, why all of this stress?

Then she hugged me and she started sobbing
Just crying like a baby, I was feeling really sorry
I have all day to listen, tell me, what’s your story?

She said;

“I’m really sorry. I have no choice, I want to lose my life
It’s been a month since boyfriend got me pregnant
At this point in my life, I really can’t be pregnant
At this point in my life, everything is just stagnant
My mum will kill me when she finds out her daughter’s pregnant

Wow, now that’s just painful
I held her head up and looked deep in her eyes
Then I asked, “Have you spoken to your boyfriend?
Then she looked at my face cold with tears in her eyes”If anyone should know, most def not my boyfriend
I’ve had countless abortions for that jerk I call my boyfriend
I can think of all the stupid things I did for my boyfriend,
And he beats me all the time, why is he even still my before?
I should kill that motherf** “, Whoa not your boyfriend?
Come to think of it, you want to kill your boyfriend
But you here tryna kill yourself, are you your boyfriend? [giggles]

Oh gyai saa “Mete wase o, nanso ade yi a wooyɛ paaIs it necessary to die cus of pregnancy?”
You don’t really get it”, okay help me get it b”I wanna keep the child but I don’t wanna raise a bastard
I wanna keep the child but I don’t wanna raise a poor child
I wanna keep the baby but I’m 19, I’m still a child
I’m still a child, just look at me, I’m still a child”
Uhm, let me get your phone

“why? what for?”

Let’s call your boyfriend
“no-no, not my boyfriend, no no”
But he deserves to know
“no, he shouldn’t know, he’s a jerk”
Alright, let’s do this
Uhm lemme go get your stuff, alright?
Wait for me here, I’ll be back
Let me just get your stuff, quick one
Guess I’m lost in the crisis

Baasu sanni ba!

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