eNZYM – Aduro Ft K’Swagg (Prod by nORTHS)

eNZYM – Aduro Ft K’Swagg (Prod by nORTHS)

eNZYM- Aduro ft K'Swagg (Prod by nORTHS)

eNZYM – Aduro Ft K’Swagg (Prod by nORTHS)

Aduro is a carefully made piece that speaks about the headaches in this music industry and the stress we go through us upcoming artists, being it family, friends or society and all other hardships, and us saying even though these give us headaches and we trying to find remedies to curb this but in no way are we ever going to give up on our dreams.

Also, this is a motivational song for anyone fighting depressions and stress.



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