Enid Out With EP “Paracosmic Collision”

About Enid

A journey into a fantastic world rich in poetry, stories, and dreams awaits those who immerse themselves in Enid’s music. The clash of the individual musical worlds of founding members Nawal and Pascal resulted in the creation of these pieces. However, Enid is also comprised of the ethereal melodies and cutting riffs that Alex delivers on the guitar, as well as the groove and sense of rhythm that Bruno provides on the bass, and the technical accuracy and musical awareness that Mathieu produces on the second guitar. Enid is fueled by the cooperation of five musicians, who each symbolize one of the five fingers on a hand, and by their willingness to contribute.



About The Release “Paracosmic Collision”

The band’s first extended play, titled “Paracosmic Collision” which has 6 incredible songs, is filled with original songs that depict the cosmos in a way that is symbolic, moving, and delicate. This stands in contrast to much darker realities or thoughts. In addition to that, Enid puts to music the writings of well-known poets who write in English, such as Edgar Allan Poe. The incredible sound of Nawal’s voice takes us to a different location, which is a lovely experience. This first masterpiece was entirely self-produced, and it was a big success. Some words that come to mind to characterize it include ethereal, singular, light, allegorical, and disturbing.

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