emceeDYCE -Don’t Fvck With Kofcity (T Rhyme Diss)


emceeDYCE -Don’t Fvck With Kofcity (T Rhyme Diss)

The music scene in the East recently witnessed Tee rhyme a rapper from Tafo disrespecting his fellow rappers in Koforidua, calling them weak and broke because they don’t rent houses above 30gh cedis. It generated tension among these rappers which triggered a reply from otaniba and mp rudboi.

The rest of the rappers does not seem to be bothered, but emceeDYCE hinted he will reply rhyme on his own time because if he had replied immediately within which the heat was on, it will make rhyme’s album the talk of the town.

“I don’t want to be part of a whack album,” emceeDYCE said.

emceeDYCE an artist who is known with hot wordplay and deep punchlines is now set to hit back at tee rhyme with his recent rant on social media.

A little peek at his recent studio freestyle video named “don’t fuck with kofcity” which he lyrically targeted rhyme was fire, if not hallucinations sake we will say it is one of the best reply songs in the world.


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