Ellee Duke Announces Her Latest Single ‘Animal’

Ellee Duke is an American singer and songwriter who was born in Utah and has been pursuing her passion of being an artist since she was five years old. She quickly discovered that the music business was not going to be what she had imagined it would be, as she went from crafting songs in her bedroom to being catapulted into massive agreements.

Ellee struggled with the strain of complying with other people’s expectations of who she should be as an artist while fighting for her own unique voice in the process.

“I was under the impression that being a team player and listening to others who had done more and achieved more success than me would propel me to achievement. That was my oversight; no one knows myself as well as I know myself.”

After a lengthy period of hardship in which she fought to be true to herself, she made the decision to move away and pursue a career as an independent artist.

Throughout the years, Ellee has ascended to greater heights, scoring her first Billboard #1 with a song she co-wrote with Arty and Audien, titled “Craving,” which she released in collaboration with Arty and Audien. She’s worked with JLo, Charlotte Lawrence, Walk off the Earth, Lukas Graham, Alexander Stewart, Ali Simpson, and many more, and she has a slew of projects in the works as of right now.

She is now working on her next release of original music, in which she will be conveying her narrative in a raw and poignant manner.

During the pandemic, I wrote a lot of songs in my living room. This one started as a very simple idea I shared on my Instagram. I got the most comments on it I had in a while and people kept asking me to release it so I ended up producing it FR FR with my friend Nate Pyfer. I was in a relationship once where I always felt like I was too much. I cared too much. I was there too much. Too forgiving. Etc etc. Whenever problems arose, they would say the real issue wasn’t that they were selfish pricks, but that I was just too sensitive. I started to think I needed to shrink my heart so I could stop getting hurt. But since then I’ve learned that having a big heart isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength. And giving my love, time, and energy to someone who weaponizes it against me isn’t someone who is worth any of me.

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