Eli Dan Explores The Complications Of Navigating Modern Day Relationships ‘Are You Done’

Eli Dan is a musician that hails from Melbourne and is known for his singing, songwriting, and composing.

Her music sheds light on aspects of life that are often avoided in conversation by drawing song lyrics and musical inspiration from her own personal experiences. to demonstrate that even though life may be difficult, there is occasionally beauty in the suffering and that everything, despite how awful it may seem, has the potential to be beautiful.

Her music is a combination of the styles of Sara Bareilles and John Mayer, with the more contemporary concepts of LAUV and LANY. It begins with an acoustic basis and is covered with electronic components that merge with pop melodies.

Eli Dan combines the talents of Elisha Apurado (Eli), who contributes aspects of pop music, and Danny Hacket (Dan), who write their songs together. Dan contributes his folk-style origins, and along with Eli, they create the ideal storm of musical genius. Elisha is also responsible for producing and engineering each of her tracks.

Eli Dan, who was a finalist in the 2019 International Song Competition for her first track “Treading Water” and whose sophomore single “Just Another Love Song” has received airplay on Coles Radio and ABC National, intends to grow upon her present popularity in 2022 and beyond.

“Are You Done” her next single, provides an entertaining diversion through the complexities of negotiating contemporary romantic relationships.

“Are You Done” is built on acoustic underpinnings and is beautifully layered with electronic components that merge smoothly with pop melodies, all of which culminate in an offering that is dynamic and vocally driven.

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