Electro-Pop New Gem Ivy Ash Shares New Single “Third Degree”

Electro-Pop New Gem Ivy Ash Shares New Single "Third Degree"

Electro-Pop New Gem Ivy Ash Shares New Single “Third Degree”

Ivy Ash Ivy Ash is a Warwickshire-born Electro-Pop singer, songwriter, musician, and fashionista who now resides in Leicestershire. Ivy Ash has been a tremendous admirer of music since she was a youngster, and throughout the years she has chosen to compose her own songs as a sort of musical therapy.

Electro-Pop New Gem Ivy Ash Shares New Single "Third Degree"

Electro-Pop New Gem Ivy Ash


Despite her youth, Ivy Ash has a wealth of experience, which has helped her develop an ever-growing presence and passionate fan following through her spectacular live performances and unforgettable anthems, establishing her as one of the UK’s hottest new artists. Her sympathetic songs address love, self-discovery, and the everyday struggles of a twenty-something.

Ivy has refined the capacity to generate indisputably captivating music while preserving musical maturity by combining her young and charming aura with the concept that someone may take inspiration from her music and it could assist them. Ivy began making music as a method of communicating her problems and conquering anxiety as an advocate of healthy mental health.

Ivy Ash, an artist and songwriter who shines in terms of invention and creativity, is strutting towards the end of the year with a brand new single that has been completely sponsored by Arts Council England and they’re ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ initiative.

Her songwriting talents demonstrate her funny, thoughtful, and hopeful take on mental health, romance, and the highs and lows of being young in today’s society. Ivy Ash is a unique and passionate force in the music industry, establishing her own way via dynamism within her new songs, resulting in a sound that exudes passion and charm.

Ivy Ash presently has four songs accessible on streaming sites, the most recent of which is “Third Degree,” a song about recognising your boundaries, taking charge, and figuring out how to go ahead. The music is sassy, lively, playful, and a touch crazy–everything you could want! The acoustic version of the song is quite relaxing, with only voice and piano. In her leisure time, she fosters a large number of cats.

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