Musician El Tov has released a new song ‘Remember Me’ during theEaster festivities.

The song is based on the story of The Penitent Thief or the Good Thief known in Catholicism as Dismas.

He is one of two unnamed thieves in the Biblical book of Luke’s account of the crucifixion of Jesus.

It describes Dismas asking Jesus to “remember him” when Jesus reaches his kingdom. The other, known as the impenitent thief, also called Gestas challenges Jesus to save himself to prove he is the Messiah.

Before the song’s release, El Tov is serving fans with a poem that represents the conversation on, and at the crucifixion.

He has rewritten the initialism INRI  which in Latin means “Jesus King of the Jews” to “Jesus King of the Universe.” INRU

“I did that to depict his status after the sacrificial deed,” he explained.

I recognize the Cross the saviour had
Left for the father’s house. Carrying with him
The saints, repentant hearts. A gesture he’s glad.
He gave light to the soul, when it was dim.

Dismas kills brother:

He’s an accomplished man; everybody
loved him. Not only that, so down to earth.
He’d make everyone glad, foe or buddy.
He’d pledged goodness to all with his huge wealth.

Dismas, unhappy with beloved brother
for everything he’s wished for never came
to pass, his life, a mess; not in order.
He’d no way, admit faults: all are to blame.

One night, an argument ensued between
them. Dismas’ fury fueled by envy
living a good time in his deepest being.
Dismas hit him to death, but couldn’t flee.

Remember him when you reach your kingdom.
King of the universe, greatest ransom.

Siblings are angry:

Look at what you have brought to our family.
A disgrace of a kind, shame unto you,
Dismas. Pain you will know, death you shall see.
We’ll not hide the hatred, your time is due.

When you decided to; prepared to strike
Innocent of a man, with vilest thought,
Did you expect freedom? All men dislike
your evil ways. Now hung, we’re glad you’ve got

What you truly deserve-dire punishment.
All men will get to know, you are accursed
Forever. You shall be a human dent,
Even though you die with one who is blessed.

Remember him when you reach your kingdom.
King of the universe, greatest ransom.

Gestas says:

Save yourself King of Jews and save us too.
Common thief, I have been, all days of my
Life. I do not regret, but we’ve known you
To be a righteous man, sad, you’ll soon die.

Your power was at work, Laz’rus laid dead.
You raised your hands, called him after four days.
Five loaves and two fishes, five thousand fed.
Capenaum, Galilee, many, your ways.

My breath departs from me, can’t you raise your
Hands that it will stay put, I see your might?
Banish the pain I feel, I can endure
Until you clear soldiers out of our sight.

Remember him when you reach your kingdom.
King of the universe, greatest ransom.

Dismas replies:

I’ve never read the writs nor desired to
Open a page or two, to know a God.
My thoughts are filled with night, my brother too.
How come we are with you, O, blessed Lord?

Pardon my brother here, he knows you not.
Our homes are stuck on earth, built with the trees,
Termites will easily chew; they can’t be fought.
Salvation is right here, I have to seize.

Right now, my eyes are opened to see above
the clouds. I see angels in their millions.
One with a crown of gold shining with love.
As you ascend, O Lord, go with my sins.

Remember me when you reach your kingdom.
King of the universe, greatest ransom.

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