EclecticBlonde Out With A Brand New Single “One Less Minute to Christmas”

EclecticBlonde Out With A Brand New Single “One Less Minute to Christmas”

Bonnie Ryan, a Canadian singer-songwriter, debuted her first single as EclecticBlonde on the radio in 2019 and has since released numerous more.
She is focused on memorable acoustic pop tunes and continues to develop and produce songs with a charming emotional quality that motivates you to press ‘play’ again and again. She also writes songs for other singers, as well as for cinema and television.

The melody and production of this song are catchy and timeless. It has a wonderful old-school pop r&b taste while being current and sharp. It’s similar to Mariah Carey’s classic “All I Want for Christmas is You,” but with a contemporary twist. It delves into the excitement of spending the holiday with a loved one, buying online, and praying for the gifts to come on time.

The performer has a lovely, warm voice that contributes to the mood of the song. Her voice fits wonderfully with the production to create a new modern Christmas classic.

“This is an original Christmas song that I co-wrote with a friend. I last released a Christmas song in 2019 (“Fly Santa Fly”) and it received a lot of radio play in Canada, and some in the US, Europe and the UK. This song is festive, happy and fun. It is a modern pop acoustic song with R&B influence similar to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”. – EclecticBlonde

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