DUSAF Is Breaking The Ice With DUSAF CHARITY SALES – Deborah Oduro

Dynamic United Stars Africa Foundation (DUSAF) which is a registered organization in Ghana is out with another interesting and powerful program aimed at aiding them to support their charity projects.

The Ngo who’s sole aim is to eradicate poverty in Ghana and beyond has been in existence for over 4 years supporting humanity and society with the area of purpose categories in EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, PHYSICAL NEEDS and INFRASTRUCTURE.

The NGO is breaking the ICE with *DUSAF CHARITY SALES* with the idea of raising funds to support charity projects.

According to Miss Deborah Odoru, the founder of this Nobel NGO, she and her team will be making products out of beads to sell and count on individuals who have clothes, shoes, or items which they can share to support them in their cause. Money raised from this will be channelled into the said projects.

A generous woman by name MRS. GLORIA POKU -ADUSEI once came into contact with them and gave them a lot of clothes to sell at a low cost to assist them in their works seeing how they where suffering to raise funds.

DUSAF Is Breaking The Ice With DUSAF CHARITY SALES - Deborah Oduro
DUSAF Is Breaking The Ice With DUSAF CHARITY SALES – Deborah Oduro

It’s sad that people have enough but yet don’t help the society instead use their money on other things that aren’t productive and yet go to church and pray for God to bless them forgetting that WE HUMANS ARE THE CHURCH AND WHATEVER WE DO TO HELP FRIENDS OR AN OUTSIDER, YOU HAVE DONE TO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. She backed this with a bible verse in Matthew 25:42-46.

The money raised in this exercise will be channelled into Dusaf fund box to help the society as a whole through humanitarian work.

They call on people who will love to volunteer or join the foundation to come on board so together POVERTY can be fought.

The NGO has done a lot of works like donations to the AUTISM CARE AND AWARENESS TRAINING CENTER, GOOD SHEPHERD ORPHANAGE HOME, DUSAF CHARITY CAR WASH, FREE HEALTH SCREENING IN LUOM COMMUNITY as well as collaborated with another sister Ngo’s, a few to mention.

Call Deborah Oduro president of DUSAF on 0557371720/0267858305

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